Looking for PbP game

New to the forum and only beginning to dip my toes in Ars Magica and looking to get into a Play by Post game. My goal is to familiar myself further with the rules and world of Ars Magica. I have read many of the various Ars Magica books, but my play experience is still sadly limited. So I would like to change that. Especially interested in Troupe style play to try some light SG as well, but that’s no deal breaker or anything.

Would be interested in any type of saga but perhaps most preferably the founding of a new spring covenant. Perhaps its easiest to join an already ongoing saga though?

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Good luck. In case you are not aware of it, there tends to be more offers and request at the discord server. See Ars Magica Discord Server

Even there, new games are few and far between, and quickly overbooked.

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