Low Level Intellligo effects useful for Divination?

Hi there, you guys might be familiar with my DM Gribble.
I've been playing Ars with him for a few months now and my character has gained the Virtue of Astrological Divination listed in Divination and Augury (Mysteries revised).

I was wondering if you guys could help out with some low level intelligo effects that will prove useful in our Scions of Nathas Campaign.
In return I can list them all in this post at the top and together we can come up with nice reference list useful to any other player or DM looking at using this merit.

I would be interested in hearing some ideas as well, the Mystery remains a mystery to me...

I've realised I may have erred in this post as simply requesting ideas. I will edit this post tomorrow with some ideas I will work on myself in an attempt to get the ball rolling.

What is wrong with the long list in the box Example Divinations on TMRE p.60? Do you need other / different / more specific ideas?