Lunch Money - Big Combo and Grabs

If I attack with Big Combo and my victim defends with a Block and a Dodge [or a Block/Block] can I [or they] grab?

If someone wanted to be picky, they could probably say that if you put the black down then the dodge that you can't. But really, as long as there's a block in there you should be able to grab.

My take is that each Block offers a Grab opportunity.

Me: Big Combo
You: Block, Block
You: Grab + Powerplay + Pimp Slap
Me: Grab (on the other block) + Hail Mary

...seems legit to me. Blood all over the place!

But the two blocks are played simeltaneously to stop two simeltaneously done attacks. If you grabbed off of the first block, the combo would be interrupted and the second part wouldn't even have a chance to land, or it would just hit you while you were grabbin' them.

As you said, its simultaneous.


I launch a punch to the throat and knee to catch my fist ( Block + Grab) but concurently my knee crushes your jewels, and in that moment of anguish I find an opening and wrap you up (Grab). At this point we both are vulnerable and each are going to take what the other has.

It's a classic kung-fu/matrix/comic-book scene with both foes landing blows at the same time...sending both reeling back!

Mechanically, I suggest creating "stacks" of cards for each action that needs to be resolved, and be sure to resolve all of them.

For example:

Big Combo is played. (Place it sideways because it represenst two actions and it needs to be the root of both stacks.

It is Blocked/Blocked so the opponent places the blocks down next to each otehr on top of the Big Combo. (Give them a little space and play them in solitare style with the cards overlaying such that you can see all the ones in a stack).

Now continue to resolve the left-most stack. You play a Grab card onto the stack, and then another attack. This stack is resolved.

You still have another stack. Proceded to that one. You chose not to grab so the opponent places a grab on the stack, and then follows up with their own attack. This stack is resolved.

The stacks may not seem like they are always needed, but to manage the occasion complex interchange, a systematic approach helps. Plus, it prevents people from racing forward with too many actions at once. By placing the cards and giving the opponent a chance to play onto that stack it makes sure that all opportunities to dodge or grab or humiliates are appropriately given.

This system works for me, anyway!


A good tactic, I suppose. Might be a little complicated for some beginners, but it's all good. Oh, and since technically all of the characters in this game are girls, there will be no jewel-crushing :p.