[Lunch Money] Humilation and Big Combo

If you use humilation on a Big Combo, Does it negate all the damage from Big Combo?

It often helps to quote the sections from the rules for the cards involved when asking these questions, if for no other reason than it's hard to remeber what each one does across the three lunch-money-based games.

That said, I think Big Combo was the one that caused two attacker-described attacks to land (from Lunch Money)? If that's the one, then the Big Combo can counter the whole action (both attacks) as if it didn't happen. The attacker tripped over his shoe-laces that you subtley tied togther and fell flat on his face during the attempt. or whatever, you get the idea.


A Humiliation is generally understood to counter a whole card, so yes, it negates all of the damage from the Big Combo, rather than just a portion of the combo.

thanks jeff.. that's good to know :slight_smile: