Lunch Money- Humiliation Questions

I'm new to this forum and have been recently getting back into lunch money. I have looked in the FAQs and I checked all rulings i could find but i could not seem to find the answer to the question I wanted (lots of other usefull stuff though).

Tim pokes Fred in the eye......... Fred doesn't respond
Tim follows up with pimpslap..... Fred attempts humiliation

Tim uppercut^2 Fred............. Fred does nothing
Tim Follows up with a kick...... Fred attempts humiliation

Tim grabs Fred.................................. Fred does nothing
Tim powerplays Fred.......................... Fred does nothing
Tim follows up with a roundhouse ....... Fred attempts humiliation

Q1: Would Fred's humiliations need to be played at the start of the combo ie... eyepoke, uppercut^2, powerplay or is it legal to humiliate at the end of the combo and stop the entire combo?

Q2:If Fred were poked in the eye by Tim and it is Johns turn next would Fred be able to humiliate against Johns attack or does humiliation not work if one has a free attack on you?

Q3: For RolePlay element and clerification of the game isn't it still possible to humiliate someone while on the ground?

Q4:If at the same time the above is true would you not counter the uppercut^2 because you are already on the ground?

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to you clearing up these questions for me.

The rules read: "The holder of this [Humiliation] card may interrupt the action, out of turn (after the victim has played her card[s]), and describe..." That reads to me as yes, you cancel the entire combo.

Humiliation "can be played at any time, at any point, on any player making any play." It's not limited by a Poke in the Eye. So yes, I'd say you can Humiliate a free attack.


I'm not sure I understand the question. I think it's the same answer as Q1...?

I hope this helps!

thanks a bunch helped tons im triyn go save up to buy beer money... seems like it would be more fun... anyways expect some questions about that when i get it....

well turns out i got another question... if say someone eyepokes and the other humiliates (and plays an attack) and the eye poker plays humiliation on that would he still get his second attack from the eyepoke since the damage still goes through?

If you Humiliate a Humiliation, the original attack goes through. So, yes, the lost counter and the helplessness would be be in effect, and the Poker would still get a free basic attack.