Lunch Money Questions (Backlash and Humiliation)

Ok so I have a few situations that have arisen while playing with some friends.

Sequence 1:
Me: Grab on Bob
Bob: Dodge
Me: Humiliation on Dodge

1: Do I get to continue my sequence of cards I was going to use with my grab?

2: Do I still get to play my free basic attack after I've continued my grab sequence?

Note: This could also apply to some specialty cards. Do you get to do your basic attack after you Humilate the defense on an Uppercut² or Poke in the Eye?

Sequence 2:
Bob: Poke in the Eye on Me
Me: No Defense
Bob: Hail Mary as free basic attack
Me: Backlash

1: Is playing the backlash at that time even valid?

2: Does the backlash give bob the effects of a poke in the eye?

In sequence 1, your Humiliation (a) does allow you to continue the sequence you started with your Grab, and (b) does allow you a free basic attack. I believe that, technically speaking, the free basic attack occurs before the follow-up to your Grab.

In sequence 2, I have no idea. :slight_smile: Well, that's not entirely true — I can say that the Backlash would not, in any case, inflict the special effects of the Poke in the Eye, because Backlash specifies that it does "counter damage" only.

I'll ask John or Michelle to drop by and give some kind of ruling on the Backlash issue.

Thanks for asking, and glad you're enjoying Lunch Money!

Poke in the Eye allows the attacker a "free shot" during which you are "completely helpless " and "may not attack or defend yourself." All this adds up to not being able to play Backlash, seeing as how it's a defense card and all.

Me: Poke in the Eye Bob
Bob: Backlash

1: Do I take the effects of poke in the eye or since I backlashed it is Bob helpless?

2: If he is helpless do I get to play a basic attack?

Can you Backlash a Humiliation?

We used Michelle's post that Backlash is a defense card so that settled the Backlash Humiliation question.

Still need to know about who gets the negative effect of a card after its been backlashed.

Again, the rules for Backlash say "It causes the attacker to suffer the counter damage his or her attack(s) would have caused" ... it doesn't say anything about countering effects. Since Poke in the Eye doesn't do any counter damage, Backlash has no affect on it.