Luopan: Character type picker for Feng Shui 2

I thought about how I was going to ask my players about what type to play, and decided to write a thing so they can do it themselves, with appropriate FS tone and sarcasm. I did it in renpy, for speed. After just 4 questions, you get an archetype. They're evenly distributed.

It's barebones (no images or owt like that). If there's enough interest, I can gussie it up a bit, maybe add images if whoever controls them gives permission to do so, and a fuller character description (again, if the go-ahead comes down from Atlas - I currently just give the name and quote, which is fair use).

The download is a but chunky, as it includes all the renpy libraries and stuff, but it should be working for Win, *nix and Mac.

If there's sufficient interest, I might flesh it out a bit more, such as:

  • Randomised question set, so it doesn't play through the same each time.
  • Restrict to a juncture.
  • Restrict to the lists for the non-default setting options in the rulebook.
  • 'I don't want that, suggest something else' functionality.