Lutra de Bjornaer

I'm coming up with the character being over by 26 points on arts and abilities, and having 210 levels of spells, 60 levels of which would require 2 extra years by standard development..

With regards to arts and abilities, I think that's because I thought affinities gave a x2 modifier instead of x1.5. I've recalculated and reassigned the points now, but I've also swapped out affinities for puissant. On the surplus 60 levels, however, I think there's some confusion here. I put him as having lived in Bentalone for 5 years but he's 7 past gauntlet, those 2 others having been spent touring around the region in search of a nice body of fresh water to settle close to. Most of the exp in from that went into Area Lore: Arelat but he also got exp into Finesse and Penetration. I was a bit dubious about this part of the backstory since the assumption of 30 exp a year is probably made with living in a proper covenant but now that you've brought it up, what do you think of it?

One last note, as I made the rework of the arts scores, I also put a level 20 ReMe spell in place of the 2 level 10 ReMe spells. Doesn't affect the math, but I thought I'd give you a heads up.

exploring an area full time gives 8xp/season is 32xp/yr so using the 30xp/yr allowance still fits fine. I will look over your rework...


Hey, so, I was checking the spells this character had just today because I wanted to have a word document with all the spells typed out for quicker reference and I noticed I mislabeled a spell as 5 levels lower. I've corrected the mistake and shuffled some things around so that the spell levels now should be fine but just thought I'd give you a heads up.

double checked, this is okay