[Mad Scientist University] Favorite stories?

What is your favorite story from attending Mad Scientist University? The best/worst schemes you've heard? Anyone actually enact your schemes, or at least get ideas from the game for real life? Has Mad Scientist University improved your love life? Let us know!

One of my favorite schemes was my response to "Throw the PERFECT party" with "Cheese". Mundane, right? Not necessarily...

"In this corner, we have the Cheddar golem, smoked up for this battle. In this corner, we have the Brie golem, fresh from France. Gentlecheeses, choose your weapons!"

Soo... make cheese golems, give them slicey or shreddy things with which to destroy each other, put horrible cheese-preparing deathtraps around the ring, and set the golems up to fight. And devour the losers. Tasty and entertaining!