Maddenhofen - Ars Magica Arena

What I haven't found yet is an Arena game for Ars Magica. I plan on changing this. Some battle simulation might advance combat capability.
I haven't put that on a players wanted thread because I am aware that the details need to be worked out.

I plan to host one (probably at, because I do not want you to see each other's character sheets (which usually happens during chargen here).

The backstory: Tytalus the founder who disappeared in the Maddenhofen woods has been rediscovered (maybe). A Fairie claims he is Tytalus and offers magi to travel there and fight each other in a simulated illusion/alternate reality that is incredibly powerful: All ten forms can be used, but damage is only simulated. You go to sleep, wake up somewhere else, fight, and wake up back in the Maddenhofen Woods without a scratch or warping point.
House Tytalus has been playing around with it for years and now it has become common knowledge. The magi are eager to travel there to test there battle skills...

ideas for fights 1 versus 1:
different maps:

  1. Certamen
  2. Plain of grass (start 2 miles apart)
  3. The Rhine tribunal (start 200 m or km apart)
  4. desert/forest/arctic (start 100 m or km apart)
  5. Paris

different modi:

  1. magus only
  2. magus + one grog
  3. magus + 5 grogs

the players can agree on conditions like:
a) creating players at gauntlet, at 10pg
b) pitching their characters that normally fight together in a saga versus each other (about same level of power)

What else would be needed for an Ars Magica Arena game?