Mage and Covenants Roster


This is a link to my Public Ars Magica Material.

At the moment, I only have my (needing updating) mage and covenants roster in the folder. It is in Google's spreadsheet format, which I find easy to use.

Sorry for the raw url.

The rosters are a bit irregular and could likely stand an edit. The folder is set to allow View, not edits. If you want to contribute, contact me.

I plan to update for Through the Aegis and the Houses of Hermes books as soon as I trouble to do it.

Awesome, thanks for that. As I mentioned in the other thread, I'll contribute with the rules index, rather than the magi/covenant rosters.

I have updated the mage roster to include magi of the new Through the Aegis covenants. The covenant roster is pending.

The covenants from Through the Aegis have been added to the master covenants sheet.