Magi Combining Spells...

Hello, still new, and thinking about stuff while away from the rulebooks...

Can Magus A cast (eg.) a Watching Ward spell which contains a spell cast by Magus B, who is also present during the ritual?

Or must both spells be cast by Magus A?

Thanks in advance.


I don't believe there's a canon reason why you can't have two magi taking advantage of one's metamagical prowess and the other's task-specific abilities. Certainly, I rule that you can. One mage makes the box; the other mage fills it. The exception is Open the Intangible Tunnel which, as written, creates the connection from the caster - a variant could of course be invented at the cost of an extra magnitude or two, though I'm not sure why you'd want to do so.

I would probably use the MuVi guideline suggestions for all similar effects. It would have been a waste of space to write the same thing repeatedly.


Thanks for the resopnses. I'll take a look at the MuVim box when I am next at home..