Magi, Faith Points and Divine Auras?

I could have sworn I read in RoP:TD that magi who gain Faith Points can use them to overcome the penalties of casting spells in a Divine Aura, assuming their cause is just and virtuous. Is this right, and if so where is it in the book?

I don't recall this at all, but it's been a long time since I read the book

You might be thinking of Holy magic (pg 66-69), one of the advantages being that the magus' magic is aligned with the Divine realm. Nothing to do with faith points though... does this help?

What you're probably looking for is the sidebar on page 60 of Societates, for House Jerbiton urban magic (though applicable to other magi as well.)
'Invocation of the Civic Patron', where you ask a saint for a miracle (using the RoP:tD rules) which negates the Realm Interaction penalty, for virtuous use of magic, for one scene or story.

Ah! Yes indeed, thanks. I knew I'd seen it somewhere and it made sense to assume it was in RoP:tD.