Magi of Hermes and Fertility


I´ve been waiting for several months for my copy of Magi of Hermes, but i can´t receive it through Warehouse 23, that was my only way (i have no FLGS). Almost given all hope now... :cry: So, i need for my saga the barest summary at least of the rules concerning the breakthrough in fertility that is displayed in the book. Could any caritative soul help me?

Thank you very much!

Marciano, I think in Gigamesh (Barcelona) they have a spare copy. if you want we can try to come up with something here :slight_smile: If nobody answers, tonight I will check the breakthrough. IIRC it is about being able to develop a longevity potion that does not leave you sterile.


Thank you very much for both things :slight_smile: . I am from Seville, and i wouldn´t hesitate to buy the book from Gigamesh, if they can send it to me, cancelling my order with Warehouse 23. A pity, normally i wouldn´t have to wait soo long to get a book. Do you have any contact info? and thank you again!

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This is the part of the store with RPGs, collective games, and wargames. Asik them. If they do not send stuff abroad (unlikely) I can get the book for you easily. If they have it, that is.

It's a Minor Hermetic Breakthrough allowing Longevity rituals to not destroy the fertility of the imbiber.

I will try to call them this evening out of work, then :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks a lot Xavi. Does anyone know if it´s simply a Minor Hermetic Breakthrough without any gimmick, or something else (any mechanic)? And, to spice things a little, how would you restore fertility to someone which had it destroyed via a Longevity Ritual? Through another Hermetic Breakthrough, or a Mystery?

I called them and it seems that they don´t send book by mail, so i´m stranded again :frowning: . Does anybody know the specifics of the Breakthrough, or it´s already as simple as "with a minor Hermetic Breakthrough you aren´t infertile with a longevity potion"?


Then breakthrough is only that longevity rituals that Aurulentus makes do not cause infertility. He is a Creo Corpus specialist. No more specific info on the breakthrough given, so I assume it is a normal minor breakthrough. It also lists the sources where he got the breakthrough points from (the spells, forging the bronze cord of his familiar and a few other places)


PD: Did you ask if they had the book? If threy do I can buy it for you and send it to Sevilla easily using a Paquete Azul de Correos.

I didn´t ask it, i forgot, but i will call them this evening. I´m very glad for the info given, and if they have a copy i will PM you with my email and see if we can work around the specifics (and in Spanish hehe). Thanks a lot!

It is "just" a normal Minor Hermetic Breakthrough. No fancy stuff was used (no Insight from Ancient Magic, for instance). There is a chapter on Fertility Magic in Ancient Magic, that might additionally be of interest to you.

Restoring fertility lost to a conventional LR? That's impossible with Hermetic Magic, but I could see the possibility of a Mystery for that. Again, the Fertility Magic chapter of Ancient Magic might give you a few hints.

Thank you everyone (and specially Xavi) for your help, i at last received a copy of "Magi of Hermes" from Warehouse 23! :slight_smile: . When i cancelled my order explaining the reason, i received the confirmation email of the same order. Yeah, even when i mailed them twice asking for any explanation :stuck_out_tongue: . But well, what ends good is good, i suppose. Sorry for not writing in a lot of time, but i´ve been really busy in Christmas. Happy new year!

I disagree. You can do it in two easy steps:

  1. Dispel the Longevity Ritual. You can use appropriate magic, or simply wait until the effect expires. You can tell that an expired longevity ritual is no longer affecting you because you are not getting any warping points from it.

  2. Use a Creo Corpus ritual to "heal" the infertility which, at this point, is no longer sustained by the magic of the Longevity Ritual. After all, you can use magic to heal blindness etc. - infertility should be no different.

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I think it stems from earlier editions, where the infertility was supposed to be a change to Essential Nature, ergo permanent and not reversible. Perhaps i´m in an error here, but the Longevity Ritual was akin to Familiar Binding, with its own rules, restrictions, etc, and said somewhere that it rendered you infertile forever. Truly i think that in 5th edition it doesn´t say the infertility is permanent, but i´m not sure :stuck_out_tongue: .