Magi of Hermes possible Errata

I wanted to run these things by folks here before I sent them to David because I clearly could be missing something

I recently updated the spells index for Magi of Hermes. while doing this I scanned all of the spells. Three (out of 266) spells jumped out at me as having rules issues.

Spy the Approaching Grog InIm 5 page 30
Mentions that conciaenta uses force less casting to prevent seeing other magi. However, since the spell is receiving iconic species from a point outside of the protected magas'/magus' parma, forceless casting makes no difference, the caster still sees any magi in the scryed area.

Hiding the Ill Bred Bard PeIm 15 page 125
This should be base 10 not base 4 and therefore level 25

Everlasting Music ReHe (An) 20 page 124
This spell uses the duration "while (condition)" from Realms of Power Faerie page 122 which isn't available for Hermetic spells even to characters with Faerie magic. It's only available to characters casting Faerie rites

While (condition) is also available to Merinitae initiated into the Spell Timing minor illusion mystery. HoH:MC page 100.

Working on Metacreator files, I likewise noticed that Retreat as Flying Vermin (p. 13) is listed as Mu(Co)An 35, although it is properly listed under Corpus spells. It should be MuCo(An) 35.


(edited to add page number)

Oh, and it appears Conflagratious Lanyard (p. 13) is missing its range, duration, and target. Based on the spell design notes, it should be R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Ind.

Likewise, Rapid Excavation (p. 14) looks like it should be R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Part, although its parameters are not listed.

And Scipio has it. splendid, thank you.