Magi working together in the Lab?


I'm planning the first session in our new campaign here, and in it, the magi are just out of their Gauntled. The first part of the campaign will be designed to teach some of the players who are new to Ars Magica the finer points in the rules. They will be going through some of the basic Lab work, but it will be played out as a story instead of "season downtime". :slight_smile:

So, on to the question. The book says that Magi can help each other in the Lab. One Magi is the leader of the project, and the other adds his Magic Theory + Int to the Lab Total. With this added Magic Theory, could the project use more Vis in one season or get more Shape & Material bonuses? Would two Magi with Magic Theory 3 working together be able to use 12 Vis in a season amd get +6 in Shape & Material bonuses for their project?



Vis use and Shape & Material bonuses are limited by the ability of the magus leading the project. The other magi simply add to his lab total as described, not to his Magic Theory Score (or to an "effective" Magic Theory Score).