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New Item "Blazing Sword"
A very nice sword crafted by a master Blacksmith. It has strange engravings and runes about the hilt, which is wrapped in thick leather.
The sword is a Greater Enchanted Device with two effects:

Blade of the virulent flame 20
CrIg (base 5, Pers, Diam +1)
Uses Unlim (+10)
Creates a blade of flames along the blade of the sword.

Protect the inner sword 19
ReIg (base 5, Pers, +2 Sun)
Env Trigger (+3)
2 uses (+1)
Constantly prevents any flames from heating or damaging the sword.

The first effect will allow the sword to burst into flames for 2 minutes at a time, the second effect will prevent the flames from consuming the blade.

The sword could be made as a Lesser Enchanted Device by creating a Creo (Rego) Ignem effect. Such an effect may look like this:

Blade of the virulent flame 30
Cr(Re)Ig (base 5, Pers, Diam +1, +1Req, +1Difficult)
Uses Unlim (+10)
Creates a blade of flames along the blade of the sword. The flames will not cause the blade to heat or melt, but can effect the wielder of the sword.

Too bad it's useless against parma :frowning:

Bump it by a Magnitude, and it can take on Parma 2. :wink:

Of course, how many Hermetic Magi were you planning on attacking with it? :open_mouth:

Can always add Penetration, just ask your friendly local Verditius :8

The question would be more how many mundanes were you planning to attack with it? Probably few. Mundanes tend to run FAST at the first sight of a flaming sword or a magus throwing kinky stuff at them or their peers. The rest of potential targets have a form or another of MR. Adding penetration to such weapons is always a nice idea. Parma is not the only thing stoping you from opening holes in stuff :wink:

This is why I like instacast PeVi effects in weapons when they hit MR.



Magi throwing kinky stuff at them? 0.0

Did you finally manage to use those fig and copper material bonuses? ^^

And I dunno, it'll make most peasants run, but if you're fighting a trained force.. they might well not