Magic Item for Review

Our covenant is subterranean and we want to make it more comfortable.

This is the proposed solution for the illumination, an invested device with 2 effects:

InIm 19
R:Touch D:Sun T:Structure
The item can sense words (passwords) spoken in the covenant.
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Structure, +4 levels for permanent effect)

CrIg 37
R:Touch D:Sun T:Structure
The covenant will be illuminated in all its ambients, in every room the effect can be switched off and on again by saying particular passwords.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Structure, +1 for complexity, +4 levels for permanent effect, +3 levels for environmental trigger)

I would like to know your opinion, in particular I'm not sure about the second effect.

By making the duration "Sun", it would be impossible to switch the effect off - there is no PeVi or PeIg effect. You want to make it Concentration, with the effect maintaining the concentration, usable infinite times/day. That way, even a child flicking the lightswitch won't burn it out. (Tho', practically speaking, and since it's both underground, only a few uses/day should be adequate, as it would rarely be turned off.)

"+4 levels for permanent effect" includes the environmental trigger - +1 for 2 uses, +3 for the trigger.

I do worry about it lighting the entire structure - it's one simple effect; light everywhere, or nowhere? Sleeping magi might get cranky, not to mention the grogs that have to cover their eyes with their blankets to get any rest.

I'd suggest some Muto variation, with extra magnitudes for the requisite and complexity, might be created to allow the light to be turned on/off in some parts but not others (and I'd guess that's what you were going for.) If done that way, then duration:Sun would work, as the Muto would cover the lighter/darker effect. (For me, simply adding a level of complexity would not achieve a variable effect - the Muto requisite would, and is the equivalent magnitude. For an additional complexity, the light could be varied in intensity, and not simple Base 4 or nothing. But all that is up to Troupe/SG ruling.)

The password effect is clever - unless using Hermetic Architecture, that's only one device - if not in the presence of that device, whereever it is, the password would otherwise not control it. However, you need to add +3 for a Linked Trigger effect. (You might have typo'd, and meant that when you wrote Environmental Trigger - same cost, +3.)Cr(Mu)Ig 42
R:Touch D:Sun T:Structure
The covenant will be illuminated in every room. The effect can be varied in intensity, to complete darkness if desired, in each individual room by saying particular passwords.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Sun, +3 Structure, +1 Requisite, +1 for complexity, +4 levels for permanent effect, +3 linked trigger)
I don't ~believe~ the variable effect requires Duration:Concentration, since the Muto requisite and extra complexity covers that - imo. However, diff SG's will find support in the rules for either interpretation, and the resulting magnitude is the same. (-1 mag for duration, +5 levels for "item maintains concentration").

Lastly, if I have (or can find) any additional Lab Total, I like to add additional "uses" to any effect that I am going to count on, even just to 3x/day. ~IF~ some big momentary "dispel magic" effect hit the covenant, you would still have that extra use to continue your lighting.