Magic Items, Penetration and Parma Magica

I have a little problem in the creation of a Cloak of Invisibility (R: Touch).
In order to allow the item to work correctly, do the item need a Penetration Score to bypass the Parma Magica of its wearer?

I know this could be a very little (and stupid) problem but I have not found any solution about it

Thanks a lot in advance

A magus can suppress his or her parma temporarily to let the cloak's powers take effect. Parma stops magics from affecting the magus but it doesn't dispel existing effects.

This means that there may be times when the magus won't want to lower his or her defenses in order to become invisible. I think that this is cool. A feature, not a bug.

So I have to suppress my Parma to let the cloak's powers take effect, but in this condition I am vulnerable to external magical attacks, right?



Argh, this is a very nasty information. I am a taylor and till now I have made only wearable items without any Penetration Score. I have to do my best in the future! Thanks you a lot for your info

It's not so bad. You suppress your parma then put on your cloak and turn invisible. Next you cease suppressing your parma and now you're both invisible and protected. Parma does not dispel magics.

now I have stockade parma magica, that is a whole lot of hassle with items

Heh, you bet! It is a flaw for something....