Magic Kin - what are they exactly?

I have yet another question I feel I once knew they answer to, but am currently baffled by: Are Magic Kin meant to be designed as Magic Humans with Might or not?

At first, I assumed so due to their placement in RoP: M, but while looking over the examples in several supplements for inspiration, I found that many incorporate features that would only make sense if they lacked a Might Score - The most blatant example being Lost Children possessing the Unaging virtue. Furthermore, the Plinian Races from BS&S (who appear to be a similar sort of being) explicitly don't have Might so I'm not really sure what's going on at all...


To me it looks like magic kin can be either, some of them seem to require might while others have traits which indicate a lack of it. There are some versions of selkies in mythology where they must occasionally breed with humans or they will revert to being purely seals- I think the magic kin are supposed to inhabit this sort of middle ground.

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