Magic Memory virtue

Is there some errata for the Magic Memory virtue from the ArM5 main book?
As read it seems rather weak, in that it does not acknowledge your exposure to your parens' lab notes and lab activities.
By that, I am assuming that the majority of apprentices will at some point in their apprenticeship assist their parens in the laboratory, and/or be required to copy lab notes and other documents involving lab creations.
So I was expecting that a just-gauntletted magus with Magical Memory would go out into the world with the equivalent of a certain amount of lab notes from their parens.

Say the equivalent of 60 levels worth of spell creation/enchantment lab notes, that can be decided by the troupe (and if you are really generous, decided after character creation). Perhaps Skiiled Parens and Weak Parens might change this, say +/- 30 levels.


It does seem rather weak, but it might be of great use to a very poor itinerant magus, who has a tiny lab in a cart pulled by a donkey, and no real space to keep texts, or much of anything else, really. Could apply to Magi in a military campaign as well. In a Saga where Apprentices are routinely tasked with creating devices from Lab Texts, or where Magi are expected to serve their Covenant by doing so on the regular, this virtue might not be so bad.

Perhaps, as you put forward, a troupe decision to grant 60 levels of Lab Texts at character creation -I'd suggest for some charged devices- is a good idea, although I would not link these levels to Skilled Parens/Weak Parens in any way.

In the link to the Errata I saw nothing to suggest that anything about it has been changed.