Magic Realm covenant

So everything is in the title : a covenant located in the magic realm...

  • Do you think it's possible ? Whta kind of dificulties would arise ?
  • Why would magi do it ? why wouldn't they ?
  • How would the order respond to it ? would they help out of curiosity ?

I personnaly think itt's a cool idea and i am considering making it a voting matter at the next tribunal :slight_smile:
so i am seeking advice on how it could affect the tribunal and the order.

The first dificulty would be to secure an access point to come and go from the mudane realm, after all it's supposed to be difficult.
Then to find a solution for the covenantfolk's distortion.
Maybe by having only magical being as servants.

Possible? sure we're talking about magic after all. you'd have to worry about getting supplies in and probably huge warping effects. and potentially hostile natives but that can happen any where.

Why? bigger aura bonus? because they are magi and where better to study magic than in the magic realm?

I would imagin the order would have mixed opinions even within houses. you could prolly get help from a few covenants tho. if you did this in a game the political implications should end up a major focus.

Not so sure that there HAS to be a major political aspect to it, but I can say that it could be an issue.

As for the rest of it, your staff will probably have to be automata (HEY! A real use! :slight_smile: ) or magic beings or the like. The rate of warping of mundanes would be very high and leave them pretty twisted pretty quick. Of couse, you may not worry about that. Have them warp to a particular pattern, and the right combination of flaws could be tolerable or at least useful (Visions, Lesser Malidiction: Can't leave covenant site without suffering wounds, et cetera).

-- Finding vis could be pretty easy.
-- Mundane invasion and spying would be very difficult to impossible
-- High lab totals (in game: ideal study enviroment)
-- Aging, if I recall correctly, is not a problem.

Would not?
-- Limited number of ways in or out
-- Warping of everything, or at least everything that was brought in from the mundane world.
-- The REALLY big Magic critters live here and there is nothing to say that they might be wandering around
-- What happens if/when your gateway gets detatched?

As for how the Order would respond, I would argue that, colletively, the Order would say something like "Hm! That's interesting," but individually you would have a lot of different reactions ranging the entire gamut.

Just my two cents.


guess thats how i sould have written that. I would imagine there would be at least some covenants/magi that would be violently opposed to the idea. I would also geuss that the covenant would have a recriuting boom!