Magic resistance, falling, and you

I looked for only a few minutes and did not see or remember any discussion of this, but I was wondering about falling and MR.

If a spell was caste which destroys the ground a magus stands on such as Pit o' Gaping Earth, but say it was a 60 foot drop, would that be 30 points of damage?

On the soak roll does the injured have their Terram form bonus? Because after all it's not the fall that kills you...

Would you have enough time for two spells or one?

Can anyone come up with better questions?

And of course answers or discussion are also nice.

According to the corebook, it could be as little as 15 or as much as 60 depending on how soft is the surface on which you land... but yes, a 60 foot drop is very likely to kill someone :smiley:

If the victim lands on stone or earth or such, sure.

It takes very little time to fall 60 feet, about two seconds. I'd say that a magus who did not see it coming would have to fast cast to get even a single spell out.

It would be interesting to see what effective, low-level fast cast defenses one could come up with.

CrAq3 (base 2, +1Touch) creates a small pool for the magus to fall into.
MuCo2 (change someone to give them a minor ability) would probably work too.
MuTe2 (base 1 change one property of terram -- make it really soft, +1touch) could work, assuming the magus does not fall on hard rock and gets the timing just right. Another magnitude would bring this to Voice, and make it safer.
Rego Terram to "control" the earth so that it catches the magus is another option.

The rules for fast casting indicate that there are two stages for fast casting. Being able to get an effect off in time which is Quickness + Finesse + Stress Die, and matching or beating the initiative total of the opposing magus. Also, it helps to know the form of the spell that is coming at you, so if normal gestures and voice are being used, it's automatic. So Magus A is casting PeTe spell, and Magus B would be able to tell that a Te spell was coming at him. If Magus A isn't using normal gestures or voice, or has obfuscated casting mastery, then Magus B has to roll Perception + Awareness and beat 15 -magnitude to determine the Form.

Evading a PeTe creating a pit might be as simple as a Wizard's Leap spell to simply not be where the hole is. The important thing to remember with fast cast defense, is that it is always a spontaneous spell, unless a formulaic has been mastered for fast casting AND generally speaking the defensive spell should be at least 1/2 the level of the offensive spell. Page 83 of the MRB details this.

Delightfully creative as always.

Then to add.... image making the pit before hand and then Cr/Im a sight illusion over it. Who needs to camouflage a pit when you can simply make it look like there is no pit.

Then to deviate from topic of my own post... make a mundane fire and then Pe/Im the smell, look, sound, and feel species have your enemy walk into a blaze they can't detect. I just got excited, I am already aware of the flaws in this way of thinking but it was fun for a moment. :slight_smile:

The bolded one is a very bad idea, yes the magi wont take damage from the earth while falling into it, he´s just going to get crushed by it when the spell Duration wears off. ouch

I think a minimal ReCo to slow the fall might be a good idea though, CrTe to momentarily create soft ground to fall into, slowing the fall and a couple of seconds later disappearing so you wont be stuck in it.
ReCo base 4 should be enough to slow you down?
The CrAq seems like a good idea and the ReTe... Probably very tricky and dangerous but might work.

Hmm, what level and Form would be suitable to allow the magi to play magnet onto the walls? MuCo(Te)3? 4?
CrAu3 to cause strong wind that lets you jump back up.
CrHe base 1 to create a vine wrapped around you shooting half off to embed into the walls or act as a shock absorber beneath you.
MuCo(Te) 25 to turn into a solid object for just long enough to smash into the ground but still be ok.

You dont even want to know what i can come up with for Ignem... :mrgreen:
Still telling though... Fire off a CrIg10 spell that uses shaped fire to create vacuum above you. Or the "obvious", create fire below in the shape of an explosion, though only recommended if the magi has lots of soak vs fire! :wink:

Pretty much yeah.
And surprisingly it´s almost exactly two seconds...

One at the very best. If you have Lightning reflexes or Fast caster, Qik 3 or better etc. then i´d probably give you a single spell, if you have all of those and more than maybe you have a tiny chance of getting a 2nd spell but i wouldnt expect it.

What about the pink dot trick?

Make the ground magical To parmae it.

Actually, that would not work. The magus would still take falling damage (corebook p.86).