Magic resistance from forms; ring/circle spells

Book says to resist with Form most appropriate to the spell, with Vim as a safe default. Does anyone play with the mage resisting with the higher of target-Form and Vim? E.g., if hit by Perdo Corpus, resisting with the higher of Corpus and Vim?

Unrelatedly, I'd been having a bunch of great uses of Ring/Circle spells to have cheap "enchantments", like a circle which helped heal anyone put in it. Alas, Circle says it affects things in the circle at the time the spell is cast, thus not things which move into the circle later. Curses! :slight_smile:

There should still be a lot of uses, like an eternal lamp without flame, or having a bunch of plants grow better (if you can lay down a stone or metal ring which worms won't break overnight), but no fire-and-forget recovery circles for eternal use. And here I was going to ask if a Minor Focus in Ring spells (or pseudo-perpetual spells, for Merinita with access to Fire and Until) was reasonable.

Actually, I'm not sure Circle does say that after all. "The spell affects everything in a circle drawn by the magus at the time of casting." The circle is drawn at the time of casting, but the affected objects might or might not have to be within the circle at the time.

Perfect East of the Feverish Patron
CrCo 20
R: Touch D: Ring T: Circle
Anyone within the spell's circle gains +12 to recovering from disease, for as long as they are within the circle or the ring is broken. Originally cast on a metal-inlaid ring in a noble's castle, for use by his family.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Ring)

Yes, it's unclear. What does "at the time of casting" refer to? I tend to agree with wulfenbach's interpretation, due to comparison with Ring, but it IS unclear.

It's very unclear. What do they mean,
"everything in [a circle drawn by the magus] at the time of casting"
"everything in [a circle drawn by the magus at the time of casting]"

I was just reading Covenants, and it muddles the issue further (to my mind) by implying, through a couple Ring/Circle spells, that wards can be made which can be freely crossed by non-warded people. I always figured it was a central idea of wards that you locked yourself down inside them and could not move out without ending the spell! If not - well, that really changes things!

Wards are one thing, but what about spells with a positive effect on the contents, like the one suggested above? To my mind this makes the Ring/Circle spell very much over-powered.

I think the text is clear for wards -- the target can't move outside the ring. But the target might be a stick you jammed into the ground, or the circle itself. After all, you're not being warded, it's the Faeries of the Wood or the demons which are being kept out of the circle; you just benefit from their absence.

My idea of wards is that you lock yourself down because Bad Things Are Out There. It's not that the ward will end, it's that you'll end if you give them a chance. If you're less besieged, no big deal