Magical beings


  1. A few question about magical beings from TMRE (greater elixir, living ghost...). Do they have access to magical superiorities/inferiorities according to their might?

  2. I don't understand the Age quickly complement in RoP:tM p51: they say

this part ok. But...

I have some problems:
a- a roll per year... as any character!
b- no LR seems fair
c- "already slowed by their magical natures" ... huu? what? i don't see why? they haven't bonus to aging (as faerie blood...) neither a "launch dice lesser" (as blood of nephilim): they launch roll each year... as any character without might. What about are this speaking?
d- what about crisis terminal? do a magical being die from terminal crisis or not? i don't see if "immune to aging" is about the appearance and decrepitude or the inelectuable end of life.

  1. Up to the saga. Canon views those characters as goals, with a small framework for those who want to make an NPC or keep playing themselves, in my reading. Would it be fun in your game? Then go for it.....

  2. I don't remember the "age quickly" flaw, but if I had to guess, you have to roll for aging every season? Then the rest of it makes sense. You're not immortal, like the rest of beings with realm scores, but you don't have to roll every season, because you are still magic, with slows the effect. Yes, you would die from a terminal crisis, for you are not immune to aging, and beings with realm scores are not immune to death.

The age quickly say "you make two aging rolls each year" it was maybe that i overlooked.

Serf's Parma, but I believe that magical creatures without the Age Quickly flaw are untouched by time and thus do not have to worry about aging checks.