Magical Focus and Potent Magic?


I seem to remember this being mentioned here way back, but I'm going to bring it up anyway, since I didn't get an answer back then. :slight_smile:

Some character options are given Magical Focus automatically. The ones I can remember off the top of my head are:
-Being from House Tremere
-Having Mythic Blood
-Being from the Lineage of Pralix

Now what if a Magus from the Lineage of Pralix wanted Mythic Blood?

In Mysteries Revised, it says (on page 31) that "Potent Magic can be taught as an alternative to Magical Focus". Does this mean that this magus from Lineage of Pralix could, for instance, take Potent Magic in Exotic Magics instead of Magical Focus in the same area, so that he could have Mythic Blood?

Any thoughts?


I would say that Mythic blood should be where the potent magic comes from for that character.

Or that there aren't no one with Mythic Blood in that lineages...
The Hermetic Sahirs have it too.
But you can make them have Potent Magic and not Magical focus. But it should be a house rule by your group.