Magical Kitties (all ages RPG) expansion Kickstarter live!

Last week we launched the Magical Kitties Level Up Kickstarter campaign. It funded in just over an hour and has already unlocked 3 stretch goals!

If you aren't familiar with Magical Kitties Save the Day, it is an all-ages roleplaying game where you play magical kitties saving their humans!

In Magical Kitties Level Up we are offering:

  • A reprint of the DELUXE edition of Magical Kitties Save the Day
  • The new Power Up! sourcebook featuring more powers & epic-level adventures!
  • Fantastica, a new hometown filled with fairytales and magic!
  • Series Workbook Pack, including the new Our Hometown Workbook and four My Kitty Workbooks to bring your story to life!

Find out more on our Kickstarter page:

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