Magical Memory

Hiya all,
I am looking at a character with the virtue Magical Memory. I had a few questions about some situations.

  1. If I cast a high level Intellego spell on an object (with appropriate reqs), can I "remember" the results in enough detail to use it. e.g. a Creo Spell to reproduce it.

  2. If a Creo Mentem of more than momentary duration is cast on me to add a memory - can I remember it after the spell has faded?

  3. As I remember things in more detail, do I have a bonus to prevent people altering my memories? As the other memories are there in less detail.

  4. As I can remember things easier, do I not get a bonus to studying, as it takes less effort to learn things?

Many thanks in advance,

These situations don't really have much to do with the virtue. IMO. This is all SG judgment, but these are my thoughts...

[You might want to check out Messenger's Memory, True Lineages p. 106.]

The rules on memorization are best handled, I think, in TMRE (p.25-27). Characters without the (Academic) Ability Art of Memory must make an Intelligence roll (stress, with three extra botch dice) against an Ease Factor of 9 or more to both memorize and recall the memory. It's better to have the ability. With that in mind...

You can memorize an object, once you are aware of it, just like anyone else, with an Intelligence check. Your virtue allows you to remember the minute details of lab texts, not the minute details of objects.

You may attempt to recall it as normal, as if you have memorized it. Note that TMRE says such spells require an existing memory palace (p. 25, at the end), but I think that's silly.

I would allow such a bonus, when your memory is detailed, i.e. for lab texts. Or I might allow a Perception check to realize that there is something off about the false memory.

No. Absolutely not.

I do think the virtue is very very weak. To bolster it in the direction you seem to desire, I would pack on to it basic training (a score of 2) in Art of Memory, for free.