Magical Recall of books

Where were the rules on using InMe to recall what was seen. Specifically quickly looking at each page of a book, then reconstructing the memories with InMe later on and reading the "book".

You should probably look at Creo Mentem spells to refresh the memory, and the Art of Memory and memory palace things from TMRE.

Or just have the Magical Memory Virtue.

That may be where I was going wrong, looking for InMe rather then CrMe.

I am thinking of introducing a plot point involving copyright between Covenants, where an outside Magus is allowed to study from, but not copy a valuable Summae.
I have a vague recollection that there already was something about copying books from memory. Unless it was 4th Ed.

Yes. There is TMRE p.27 Memory Palace of the Sage, which allows a maga with The Art of Memory to memorize the book read in a special locus of her memory palace while she casts the ritual (in 75 minutes, that is).
There is even an enchantment mentioned for the Library of Durenmar to counter just that ritual. :nerd_face:

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In other words, not possible without a Mystery Virtue.
That helps close that loophole.

Addenda: I ignored the Magical Memory Virtue because none of the principle characters have it. I was looking for a vanilla Hermetic formulaic magic solution.

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It's possible, with the Magical Memory Virtue (Corebook), which is an Hermetic Virtue. And the enchantment in Durenmar doesn't prevent it.


Yes, it is from TMRE. But see p.25 there:

This was once a Mystery Ability, but even in antiquity had spread beyond Mysteries to be taught among scholars. It has entered common knowledge and
can be learned by any scholar, although it remains uncommon and many lack the Ability, even though there is no formal barrier to their learning it.
The Ability may be taught or studied during play as a normal Ability, or acquired during creation by any character with access to Academic Abilities — although the troupe may choose to review the choice if the Ability is ceasing to be uncommon".


The Magical Memory virtue doesn't do what you think it does.

Your memory has been developed to remember magical rather than mundane things. You need not keep laboratory texts (see page 101) of your creations to get the benefit of a Lab Text when reproducing them. If you have created an effect by following another magus’s lab text once, you may get the same benefit in future without needing to have the text available.

Nothing in there says that the magus can memorize a tractatus, summa, or even enough of the lab text to recite or copy the work - it merely means that he does't need to have a previously used lab text in hand in order to benefit from it in the future.


It is a "very generous" read of Magical Memory to allow to memorize a whole book, pictures included.
As bittergeek explained, it allows to bypass the need of keeping detailed notes to benefit from bonus to Labtot from previous work, never to commit to memory whole tractatus, even less Summae.

At most, I would give a bonus to a PC having Magical Memory using Art of Memory to memorize magical related content. Which is not a virtue (no initiation needed), just an uncommon skill.

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