magical toys?


Oh dear that was just toooooo goooood!

I want one!

the speak'n'spell contains knowledge of a veriaty of spells for teaching purposes only.

how about an enchanted vfersion of a rubics cube?

Absolutely. Players usually seem to have a problem with this, despite that fact that instead of spending every waking moment advancing our real life professional skills we prefer to play Ars Magica. Weird.

let's see....

my current Verdi made (for his apprentice, and for himself)

a marionette that operated by Rego (to practice Finesse control)
a pop up target (to practice Finesse fast cast)
a magical shield that dodged (to practice Penetration and Finesse (Aimed spells))

I have also made before now...
A cuddly dragon that could warm the room up (hot water bottle equivalent)
a toy horse that could be ridden (practice ride skill)
a snake bracelet that fired water (to practice aiming magical items)

So I'd subscribe to the 'educational' toys idea, as well as the making things for fun one too, after all, what apprentice wouldn't want a fire breathing cuddly dragon toy as a shield grog? (no, I never made it, yes I did work it out....)

But then, my apprentices have never ever been taught Parma early, and they always get time to study by themselves. (lies, damn lies, statistics, and things said to Quisatores)


how about a spinning top that is operated by a spell that requires concentration(to practice same)

as a spell:

Spinning the Top
ReHe 5
(base 3, +1 touch, +1 Concentration)

As a device, it should be much the same, modified for number of uses per day.
The effect will be R: Personal though, so 50 uses per day leaves us at total level of 10, easily done as a Lesser Device.

to control color spells A magical mirror!

how about magical practical jokes?

Bad idea. You "practical joke" your peers, and your peers are Mages, and so have Parma. So either it doesn't work, or you spend a lot of time and effort thinking of ways around it, which will probably get you Marched. Now, mundane practical jokes would work very well. A tripwire trap that "pies" an overproud ArchMage, serene in his Magical Defenses, would be funny as spit, and a great lesson in Hubris. And possibly a Wizard's War, "but you always take hits from people who don't get the joke"............

Regarding practical jokes and toys...
How can I make someone able to see through cloths?
I have only found in InAq 5 Clear Sight of the Naiad with Base 1 as an example. InHe(An) 20 (Base 1, +4 Vision, +1 Conc, +1 Touch +1 An req) suddenly quite an expensive toy and can be quite against the Code.

On the contrary using a Room version in a middle of a ball full with nobles would be hilarious. The Emperor's New Clothes for everyone! :laughing:

Maybe A Window of Singular Direction from page 141 of Houses of Hermes, page 141? I'd allow casting requisites for this, too.

how about a magical version of today's magic 8-ball?( a sphere that say's random things when shook?)