Magus dating service

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Imagine a redcap run dating service, kind of like the video dating services that you hear about.
Now try and imagine how the redcaps would describe your character for it.

<<<Size -2 male necromancer Verditius (of the Primus lineage, currently 3rd in line) with all the accoutrements, imagine an 8 year old small child doing the full-on Necromancer gig. Cowled dusty cobwebbed black robes, staff made from bones with a skull (complete with glowing mist coming from the eyes) on the top, undead bodyguard (Size+2 exoskeletoned winged warrior thing with blades and spikes made from bone, etc etc) [called George], a tendency to take the students on night trips to the catacombs ["what catacombs?", "I got bored"], and the social graces of someone with an odd sense of humour who hangs out with Mithraeans and undead a lot. Has a partial share in the flying covenant created by his parens (He lives in the basement).>>>

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This could be fun for the Daughters of Echo (HoH:S p. 54): imagine them recording how hopefuls for that service present themselves, and have these presentations then sent around by Redcaps to other hopefuls. Subscribing might be soon de rigueur for Jerbitons with interest in the com├ędie humaine.


Erratic Bonisagus, 86, seeks similar with interest in Muto Vim with a particular research interest in breaking the limit which prevents MuVi effects from altering spells after the point of casting. Why is this there? is the fluid vis somehow congealed after the cast? Is the efficacy of Penetration truly a sign that part of the spells power is mediated y the magus themselves or is this merely a channelling effect? Must have good sense of humour, immaculate lab (specialised in Vim, preferably capacious), and a good laundry women for getting ink stains out of my robe. Oh and I'd prefer a partner with a Magic Theory good enough to write a level 12 summa, but level 10 will suffice. Must have large tracts of la.. sorry large collection of tractati on Vim or Muto, and preferably a decent apprentice with Magic Theory 6 or better. Oh and a well house trained familiar. If you show me your talisman I'll show you mine. Applicants should apply by Redcap, and I'll get back to you once is have finished my latest lab project - may be a few decades. Oswald of Bonisagus

(who suffers from the flaws "Fear: Women" and "Continent" -- but if he wrote a Lonely Hearts Ad, this si what it would look like.)

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Marry another magus?! Good grief, no!

My also suspiciously childlike necromancer is just fine with a gathering of magi every seven years. Any more frequent than that would just be a hindrance to lab work.

Lab work.... i think i recall doing some of that once. Never move into a covenant of hoplites, the order cant seem to keep itself out of danger for more than a few days at a time.

My Gifted Mercere currently has two wives, one who he thought might be Gifted because she had Magical Air. The other who was the ninth daughter of a Learned Magician and Venus Blessing, so he figured she might give him a leg up, so to speak, towards making Gifted babies. Guess what? It worked. During the rolls, he got a daughter with Enchanting Music and a son with the Gift.

Now he is looking to marry one or two more ladies, oh did I mention he is refusing a longevity potion? Oh yeah, he has old fashion beliefs hahahah