Magus Labs

Control the Host
Rego Mentem – Cost: 0 points, Init -1
R: Touch S: Sun T: Ind
Tia controls the hosts actions in regards to physical movements so long as she remains inside the host. This functions by acting on the mind. It doesn't allow her to compel supernatural abilities from the host.

Base 15 +2 Sun +1 Touch 20 levels to mastery points. 3 Mastery Points to reduce cost to 0.

Read the Mind of the Host
Intellego Mentem – Cost: 1, Init -2
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
Tia can read through a person's mind seeing any information she wishes. Normally, she just reads whatever the person's current senses are, but she can pour through memories or surface thoughts if she wishes.
Base 25 + 1 Touch + 2 Sun 10 levels to Mastery Points, 3 Mastery Points to Reduce the cost to 1.

Eyes of the Dragon
Intellego Im
Cost 0 Points; Init-1
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
Tia moves the vantage point for her hearing, seeing and smelling to anywhere on her host. Normally the hosts eyes, ears and nose
Base 3+1 touch +2 Sun 15 levels to Mastery, 2 Mastery Points to Reduce Cost.

[center]The Bond[/center]
2 Bronze Chord, 1 Golden Chord, 1 Silver Chord

The rest of Tia's powers

Conjurer Huginn (CrAn25)
Creates a single raven

R: Touch D: Sun T: Indiv
(Base 10 +1 touch, +2 sun)

Command the Raven(ReAn25)
The caster calls out a command to a Raven which it will attempt to follow. The bird will not commit any acts that would lead to its death or commit suicide. Of course it helps to be understood by the bird ( Animal Ken).
R Voice, D: sun, T: Indiv
(Base 5, +2 voice, +2 sun)

Raven of the Earth (MuTe(An)20)
change dirt,sand or mud or clay to a crow
R: touch D: sun T Indv
(Base 5 +1 touch, +2 sun)

Raven from Stone (MuTe(an)25)
Change a stone of at least size -4, to a raven
R: touch D: sun T Indv
(Base 5 +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 stone)

This is going to be a really important spell for Beatrix to develop. As I mentioned, the plan is to create her own familiar. I think it is extremely fitting for a necromancer to create a sort of revenant (an animate corpse) as a familiar.

She's going for what is essentially a grave beast (grave hound, but not a hound). Following the core ArM5 guidelines, we start with CrAn(Vi)50. Based on given examples, this creates a magical animal (revenant animal) with Magic Might up to 10 of Size up to +1. It also requires R: Touch for an extra magnitude. Each extra +5 Magic Might should require an extra +1 magnitude, which also puts in the Vis so Vis conservation works. Each extra up to +3 to Size also requires an extra +1 magnitude for the size of Individual (From ArM5, page 192: "An increase or decrease of three points of Size is approximately equivalent to a factor of ten change in size."). Without Mentem, this would make a magical animal with Cunning. If any powers are to use other Forms, those Forms need to be included as requisites as well. Sounds correct, right?

So we have:

Conjuring the Draconic Revenant [CrAn(Vi,maybe other Forms) Gen, ritual]
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual
(Base 50, +1 Touch, +x ((Size-1)/3, rounded up), +x ((Might-10)/5, rounded up))

So, let's say she wants an animate dragon corpse the size of a destrier with Magic Might 15 with no powers from outside of Animal/Vim. That would be +1 for size and +1 for the extra +5 Magic Might. So that would be CrAn(Vi)65. The Size part of the formula gives size: (3-1)/3, rounded up for +1. The Might part of the formula gives (15-10)/5 for +1. So the formula is generating the same CrAn(Vi)65.

Nice and easy... except for getting a high enough lab total to invent a spell like this...

When you animate a body of a dead magical creature does it get Magical Might?

No, it doesn't. But you can create a magical creature. A canon example of that is a revenant. You're not animating a dead creature with Might. You're creating something with Might that is an animate dead creature.

Ah, I must admit I haven't looked too deeply into the necromancy rules.

That is just creating the magical creature. Not controlling it.

Correct. The idea I'd had was to create a familiar instead of finding one. It will probably end up taking a lot more effort. But it seems a lot more fitting for a necromancer focusing on corpses to construct a living corpse familiar than go looking for one. Maybe I'm thinking of Dr. Frankenstein too much?

Talk to me (MuAn20 )
Gives an animal the power of human speech.
R: Voice, D: Sun T: Indiv
Base 4 +2 voice, +2 sun


Transformation of the Lowly beast to the Noble Raven(MuAn 25)
A version of Transformation of the Ravenous Beast to the Torpid Toad that changes any animal into a Raven.
Base 5 +2 Voice, +2 Sun)

It will be an interesting story. I think if you do it, allow someone else to make the creature ( within guidelines by you). You need to befriend it while, I am guessing, restraining it from leaving.

Yes, I am hoping it will be interesting. There's a prestige bit going into choosing a draconic form. Sure, anyone can have a familiar... but this is a dragon!

I'm fine with someone else playing him. Some of the creation would be pretty automatically set by what's written on revenants. I never have figured out how the befriending thing is supposed to work. It always seems like, with the Gift involved, the animal any magus binds must have a sort of inherent curiosity and not mind the Gift. Whenever I've run it for others, we've essentially always started with animals that are specifically suited for a given magus, given leads, and allowed the magus a far better than average chance of befriending the animal when compared to a normal human befriending any animal.

Anyway, this is going a bit tangent to the spell. As long as the spell seems acceptable and people are OK with Beatrix using a ritual to create a familiar for herself, the rest can be worked out later.

For a Level 50 spell, the Magic Might is up to 50, not 10. ("When creating a magical creature, the Magical Might of the creature cannot exceed the level of the spell")

Base 50 for creating the Magic Animal. R: Touch +1, T: Individual, D: Momentary, Ritual, for a 55 and counting. Base Individual is up to Size +1; a horse is about Size +2 or +3, for a +1 to the Target for size (Lvl: 60). Given that, that will give you a beast with a Might of up to 60, and a cost of 12 pawns of Vis.

Requisites would be Vim to make it magic, Ignem if it's fire-breathing dragon corpse, and Mentem to give it Int instead of Cunning (I would imagine).


And if you copy out the spell for the library, anyone (who's uber enough) can have a dracolich for a familiar.

That's more generous. At very least, though, I don't think extra magnitudes put in for Size or Range should allow for more Might.

No, but it allows for more potential Might. Also, the higher the Might, the higher the Bonding Level, and thus the higher your Lab Total needs to be...which, now that i think about it, if you can invent a spell to create the little bugger, probably isn't a problem.

Higher might doesn't increase the bonding level, it merely increases the difficulty of the bonding. The bond is determined by the lab total, not the might. The lab total must exceed the might to be bonded.

Her Bonding Total out of gauntlet would be 67. But you can't bond a Size -2 dragon with 50 Might! A Size -2 dragon?!?!?! How is that impressive? Even Size +4... Sure, an elephant is pretty big. But is that really impressive on a dragon's scale? This is going to be her [one non-human] baby! Gotta do better than that! The problems with Size +7 are manifold, though. The bonding total becomes 60+Might. Also, pretty much every effect on the familiar's body requires an extra 2 magnitudes to affect the familiar, making all sorts of bond powers difficult to enchant. Plus, Beatrix's lab is going to have to be pretty big in the first place to bond with her baby.

Well, exceed (really equal or exceed) the Might + 5x Size + 25.

I should think that a familiar with a Might above 15 would be unbalancing for several reasons.

The "Familiar Bonding Level" is Familiar's Magic Might + 25 + (5 x Size). The "Familiar Bonding Lab Total" is Any Technique + any Form + Intelligence + Magic Theory + Aura Modifier.

So, basically, the Bonding Level is like a Spell Level with a Lab Text, in that you only have to equal or exceed the Bonding Level with your Lab Total. If you have a, say, Might 50 creature who's Size 3, you have to have a Lab Total of 90. If you only make its MM 35, then you need a LT of 75. A MM of up to 27 would be doable with a Lab Total of 67.

But would a familiar with a MM of 27 be unbalancing? That would be 27 points of Qualities, not counting any points gained from decreased Might. That's a HUGE amount of power for a familiar, and makes me rethink taking a regular familiar. I mean if I can potentially gain a 25-30 Might familiar....