Major Magic Focus - Damage

Can damage be a focus? Or is it too powerful? Is it in one of the books I don't have yet?

Oh, the game I play in seems to accept it, because it is a high power game anyway, so the: "Do whatever you want"- answer won't help me, because I know it's fine for the game it is used in.

I was just wondering if it can be used in any other game as well.

It can. Do you have the core book?


I keep forgetting the boxes

Hey, don't sweat it. I, too, keep finding new boxes that I've skipped full of useful information. It's as if they magically appear only with continued reading.

Which, by the way, would be an awesome concept for a clarified summa.

Personally I think this can be very broad, maybe a little too broad evne for a major hermetic virtue. Although part of the RAW I'd have issues with it as a GM. I'd probably want to set some perameters.

However this is purely a game-feel and Personal taste arguement.

I agree that some parameters are necessary, but I don't think the line is hard to draw.

As a major focus, it's either Perdo spells of Momentary duration which cause immediate damage (Wound that Weeps, Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier), or Creo spells which create immediately damaging items (Arc of Fiery Ribbons, the Crystal Dart).

As a minor focus, it would be that within one technique and form (e.g. rotting wood, fire attacks, acid attacks).

Exactly. My character has that Focus, and this is how we play it.

Thats how I interpret it, and I have a character with that focus. I find it gives the character an interesting personality