Making item effect lab notes useful

Hi guys, when you are creating an effect for an item you get a bonus for knowing the spell or one very similar.
However, Item effect labnotes are pretty useless as you can only use them to re-create the item itself. If I put a Pilum of Fire effect into my ring, the labnotes from that season don't help me to put a Pilum of Fire effect into a wand.

Could you use the similar spell rules to get a bonus to instilling the wand, if you have the notes for the ring?

Or could you use the notes for the ring to aid you in learning the PoF spell?

I personally wouldn't see a problem with allowing a similar lab text to provide the same benefit as a similar spell, with the same restriction (you couldn't have both a similar lab text and a similar spell, for instance).

Learning the spell is more of a stretch, but I don't see too much harm there, either. The RAW make it more advantageous to learn the spell before making an enchanted item; I don't think it's unbalancing to have it work the other way around.