Making something mundane from a magical bias

I was looking at the Ig spells & it occured to me. Magical flames can ignate mundane materials that the produce mundane flames.

Could this effect be translated into other forms?

Here are some toughts:

MuCo (Grow to size +2 for a year duration)
Have two mundanes produce a baby while under the effect of the ritual.

MuMe(Cr)(Boost the intellect, year)
Do this on your apprentice so he can learn spells.. or on yourself if you really need it.

I don't have more time... I'll get back to it later.


I'd allow this - though obviously there would be major warping involved unless you developed the spell specifically for the apprentice. It's likely to be quite a powerful effect, so the warping could be nasty.

I assume you intend for the enlarged couple to produce a size+2 child? I'd probably waffle something about essential nature in order to prevent my troupe engaging too much in this kind of eugenics. Either that or have the warping caused my the magic mean the child came out ... wrong.