Man of Metal

Ok, so my Flambeau Terram mage player looks like he'll be picking up some Corpus to get by in the Longevity Ritual department. Of course, his Focus in Metals, coupled with a bit of Corpus (7, though potentially 14 if the MMF is involved) has him thinking spells that make him into a metallic powerhouse are going to be in his future.

All I keep thinking of is Colossus from the X-Men, and I'm sure he is too.

Anyone have any experience with such a thing? I'm thinking it would have to be a MuCo(Re, Te) to allow him to move, and not just be a metal statue.

Would this change his statistics? Or just increase his soak? He'd be vulnerable to metal wards and Rusted Decay of Ten Score years if it overcame his Parma. Any other issues or cautions that should be considered?

Weight - for swimming and mudwalking (PeTe will help)

This is a very cool idea, albeit one that is sure to make SG's nervous. My first thought (and I've only just begun to ponder the idea, so it may have some holes in the logic) is that you may need to couple the transformation with a spell to boost your strength so you can actually carry around your new metal skin. The only experience I've had that even comes close was an animated bronze statue (sort of a Juggernaut), but that was a magic item not a person.

Other vulnerabilities that come to mind: excessive weight means be careful walking up wooden stairs and floors w/out foundation support (as in wood-floored upper stories, catwalks, etc.); no boats for you. Oh, and how easy can you get up if you've been tripped/knocked down? But the potential benefits far outweigh these considerations, IMO. I am terrified just at the thought. shivers


Well, firstly I don't think a Rego requisite is necessary - you wouldn't require one for someone turning into a dragon made out of fire, for instance. Muto handles the unnatural well by itself, though I think moving metal is sufficiently different from normal metal that a +1 magnitude for complexity would be fine.

As for how to handle stats, I'd just treat the spell as increasing his size (which does govern weight, after all) for the purposes of what he can safely do and damage taken, and then add +1 Stamina and -1 Dex and -2 Qik for each size point gained. Add in the newfound vulnerability to Terram Spells, and that seems fair.

Requiring taking the Flaw fear of water would make sense also, if you increase your weight that much.