Marcus of House Verditius (Stats)

This is the character sheet for Marcus of House Verditius, played by StephenFleetwood.

This topic should only contain the character's stats, background, spells, enchantments, etc. Any development discussions and notes will be posted in the topic Character Creation for StephenFleetwood (OOC).

Marcus at the end of winter 1204

Age: 32
Warping: 1 (+5 points)
Confidence 1 (3)

Intelligence +3
Perception +2
Strength -3
Stamina -2
Presence +0
Communication +2
Dexterity +2
Quickness +1
Affinity Craft 1
Affinity Magic Theory 1
Puissant Magic Theory 1
Major Magical Focus (enhancing living beings) 3
Inventive Genius 1
Faerie Blood (spinnen) 1
Good Teacher 1
Vulgar Alchemy 1
Ambitious (major) 3
Spontaneous Casting Tools (minor) 1
Seeker (minor) 1
Faerie Friend (minor) 1
Small Frame (Minor) 1
Painful Magic (major) 3
Exp. Level Ability (Speciality)
1 Area Lore (German) (towns)
1 Artes Liberales (geometry)
2 Awareness (detail)
1 Brawl (against bigger people)
2 Charm (craftsmen)
1 Code of hermes(Property law)
1 Concentration (pain resisting)
3 7 Craft (weaving)
4 2 Faerie Lore (spider courts)
1 Finesse (craft magic)
1 Folk ken (lies)
1 Language: French (bargains)
4 Language: Latin (writing)
5 Language: Low German (flemish)
4 Magic lore (alchemy)
0 9 Magic theory (enchanting)
1 Medicine (disease)
1 Organization Lore: Order of hermes (verdi)
1 Organization Lore: House Verditius (initiating others)
2 Organization Lore: Mystic Weavers (initiating others)
5 2 Parma Magica (mentem)
2 Philosophae (verdi runes)
1 Survival(forests)
1 Sympathy: spiders
1 Sympathy: Weaving
7 2 Teaching (magic theory)
Exp. Ability (Speciality) Score
Language: Low german (flemish) 5
Language: Latin (writing) 4
Charm (craftsmen) 2
Awareness (detail) 2
Area Lore: Germany (towns) 1
20.5 Magic theory (enchanting) 7
3 Craft (weaving) 7
Faerie Lore (spider courts) 2
Philosophae (verdi runes) 2
Concentration (pain resisting) 1
Artes Liberales (geometry) 1
Parma Magica (mentem) 2
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (verdi) 1
Organization Lore: House Verditius (initiating others) 1
Finesse (craft magic) 1
Folk ken (lies) 1
Brawl (against bigger people) 1
Language: French (bargains) 1
Magic lore (alchemy) 4
Faerie Sympathy: spiders 1
Survival(forests) 1
Medicine (disease) 1

Magical abilities

Exp Technique Score
4 Creo 11
Intellego 6
Muto 5
Perdo 5
Rego 5
Exp Form Score
3 Animal 5
Aquam 0
Auram 0
Corpus 5
Herbam 5
Ignem 5
Imaginem 0
Mentem 10
Terram 0
Vim 0
Name Te Fo Level Reference
True Rest of the Injured Brute cr an 20 ARM 117
Ward Against the Beasts of Legend re an 10 ARM 120
Bind Fast re an(he) 5 Magi of hermes 100
Circle of Beast Warding re an 5 ARM 120
Purification of the Festering Wounds cr co 20 ARM 129
Preternatural Growth and Shrinking mu co 15 ARM 131
Wizard's Leap re co 15 HoH:S 36
Sprouting Out of Season cr he 20 Cov:79
Acorns for Amusement re he 5 Tales of mythic europe 55
The Mended Tear re he 5 Magi of hermes 58

Things gained:

Lab text: Heinrich's bag to
Lab text: The sovereign bandage
Lab test: a genuinely useless lab text for Heinrich the hedge mage's longevity ritual
Lab text: Grant the gift of the gab
Lab text: The warming weave
Lab text: The brightening polis
Vis gained: 3 rego, 6 animal, 2 terram, 3 perdo, 3 creo, 5 corpus, 10mentem
Vis lost: 2 terram 3 animal (both paid as rental for space in covenants to work)

Xp gains per year:

Year 1

Xp gains:
Spring: Reading a primer: Muto 15
Summer: reading a primer: Perdo 15
Autumn: Enchanting: Magic theory 2+1
Winter: adventure: Magic Lore 5, Faerie sympathy (spiders): 5 gain 3 warping, gain 1 rego and 1 animal vis

Year 2

Xp gain:
Spring: read a primer: Intellego 21
Summer: practice: Survival 5
Winter: Enchanting: Magic theory 2+1
Summer: practice: Magic lore 11 : gain 2 terram vis
Correspondence: magic lore 2

Year 3

Spring: teaching Magic lore 15
Summer: teaching magic lore: 15
Autumn: lab assist:Magic theory 2+1
Winter: adventure: Animal 3, Parma magica 5: gain 5 animal vis and 3 warping
Correspondence: magic lore 2xp

Year 4

Springmagic theory tractatus 11 + 5.5
Summer: magic theory tractatus 10+5 xp
Autumn: magic theory tractatus 14 +7
winter:magic theory tractatus 10 +5
Correspondance: magic theory 2+1

Year 5

Spring: read creo summa: 17
Summer: adventure: Parma magica 5, Medicine 5: gain 3 warping, 3 creo and 3 perdo vis
Autumn: Read creo summa:17
Winter: enchantment: Magic theory 2+1
Correspoindence: magic theory 2+1

Year 6

Spring: Buy and read a quality 10 MT summa, 10+5 xp
Gain MT summa
Lose 1p Perdo, 2p Vis

Summer: Read a primer on ignem, 15xp

Autumn: 15xp Teaching xp

Winter: 5 xp faerie symathy in "weaving"
Gain 3 warping
Gain 2p Creo and 1p ignem vis

Year 7

Spring: Adventure: 6xp creo, 4xp Faerie lore
2 warping
2p Creo vis 1p Animal
Summer: read for 15xp creo
Autumn: Familiar bonding, 2+1xp Magic theory
Winter: 2xp in practice in teaching

Year 8

Spring: 2+1 xp Magic theory
Summer: 21xp Mentem
Autumn: 17xp Mentem
Winter: 5xp: magic weavers, 5xp: parma magica

Year 9

Spring: 17xp mentem
Summer: 5xp Cult of immortal weavers, 5xp code of hermes, 3 mentem vis
Autumn: 2xp teaching
Winter: Winter 2+1 xp magic theory 15+7.5xp magic theory (breakthrough)

Year 10

Spring: Gift of the gab, 10 mentem vis (breakthrough), 2+1xp magic theory
Summer: teaching 2xp
Autumn: Lab text: The vaulting cloak, 1p rego, 5p corpus, 2+1xp Magic theory, lose 1p corpus
Winter:2+1xp Magic theory, Lab text:the warming weave, Lab text: the brightining polish, gained the warming weave, gained 6p ignem , lose 1p ignem

Character sheet I am using:

Marcus Ex Verditious at gauntlet

Age: 27
Warping: 0


Int +3
Pcn +2
Com +2
Pre 0
Dex. +2
Qck 1
Str -3
Sta -2

Affinity Craft 1
Affinity magic theory 1
Puissant magic theory 1
Major magical focus 3
Inventive genius 1
Faerie blood (spinnen) 1
Good teacher 1
Vulgar Alchemy 1
Ambitious (major) 3
spontaneous casting tools (minor) 1
Seeker (minor) 1
Faerie friend (minor) 1
Small frame (Minor) 1
Painful magic (major) 3
Ability (Speciality)
Low German (flemish) 5
Latin (writing) 4
Charm (craftsmen) 2
Awareness (detail) 2
Area Lore (German) (towns) 1
Magic theory (enchanting) 5+2
Craft (weaving) 7
Faerie Lore (spider courts) 2
Philosophae (verdi runes) 2
Concentration (drawing circles) 1
Artes Liberales (astrology) 1
Parma Magica (mentem) 1
Order of hermes lore (verdi) 1
Verditious lore (initiating others) 1
Finesse(craft magic) 1
Immortal weaver lore (initiating others) 1
Guile (lying) 1
Folk ken (lies) 1
Brawl (against bigger people) 1
French (bargains) 1
Creo 5
Intellego 0
Muto 0
Perdo 0
Rego 5
Animal 5
Aquam 0
Auram 0
Corpus 5
Herbam 5
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 0
Vim 0
Name Te Fo Level
True test of the injured brute cr an 20
Ward against the beasts of legend re an 10
Bind fast re an(he) 5
Circle of beast warding re an 5
Purification of festering wounds cr co 20
Petrenatural growth and shrinking mu co 15
Wizard's leap re co 15
Sprouting out of season cr co 20
Acorns for amusement re he 5
The mended tear re he 5
The gift of the gab cr me 45

Personality traits:

Ambitious +6
Curious +3
Clingy +2

Marcus' spells have a sign of ordered spiderwebs flowing through them

Marcus' experimental record:
Birch gives +2 for "heal all wounds"
Spider webs +2 for "heal all wounds"
Human blood gives a +3! for "heal all wounds"
Sage +2 for "heal all wounds"

Items created, known lab texts:

Delaying the mortal wounds

This wrap, when applied to the recipient removes all damage on their body immediately, as a spider web like glow of golden energy briefly pulses over them, and restores them, dissolving the bandage as it does. This will last for a moon duration, giving the person so treated time to get to emergency medical care.

It is woven from linen soaked in purified human blood, which is then cross woven with golden thread and spider webs. The tie which holds the wrap to it's recipient is made of birch bark strands, and is packed with dried sage.

Base 35, touch +1 moon +3 = level 55

Heinrich’s wooden cornucopia


Whenever you reach into the bag, you will find one smallish, spiderweb-covered log inside. This log will last for a moon duration.

CrHe 15, Touch, Moon, individual, unlimited used per day

Bag made of linen and with a wooden toggle and handle at the top (wood: effect dead wood)

(base 1, +3moon, +1 touch, +10 for unlimited uses)

**The warming weave **

This is a large cloth bag, which is jet black, dyed with ash (+2 ignem) and the clasp is sealed in brass (+3 ignem). When an item is put inside the bag, and a short latin phrase entreating it to become warm is utterered, it causes the item placed inside to become warm until sun up or sundown. It will also have a faint tracing of red spiderweb on it as it warms up. if more than one item is placed in the bag at once, it does not function.

Heat the stored item

CrIg 10

Base 2 +2 sun, +1 touch, +5 24 uses per day

Makes a touched item warm to the touch.

The brightening polish

A small, woven sheet which has a lamp (produce light +7) design woven into it. It has brass beads (ignem +3) and basalt (+3 ignem) stones set in its corners, which cause it to weigh down like a net when held. When it is rubbed on an item, small sparks will catch on the item and cause it to glow in the pattern of a spiderweb, as bright as a torchlight until the next sunrise or sunset.

Create the glowing torch

CrIg 15

Base 3 +2 mags sun, +1 mag touch, +5 24 uses per day

Makes a touched item glow like a torch

The vaulting cloak

The cloak is a long, dark green cloak (flight +3) woven of wool. It is bound at the throat by a magnet (rego corpus +4) with carved amber gemstones weighing down the bottom of the cloak (corpus +3).

ReCo 24

T: Ind R:touch D: conc

When this power is used, the caster says the activation phrase and points in the direction they would like to fly. Upon doing so the cloak billows around them and the spider web pattern in it glows brightly as the owner flies in the direction indicated at approximately walking speed.

Base 5+5 touch +5 concentration + 3 item maintains concentration, +6 50 uses per day

Spindra: A magical spider:

Intelligence +3
Perception +1
Strength -5 (1)
Stamina -1
Presence -1
Communication -2
Dexterity +2
Quickness 4 (1)
Size -3
Ambitious +6
Patient +3
Precise +3
Loyal (marcus) +3
Magic powers
Gift of speech (1)
Personal power (1)
Focus power (3)
Improved abilities (2)
Improved powers(1)
Magic animal (free)
Essential nature (Precise)
Rhine Regio network
Apt student
Magical friend
Restricted power (grant puissance - only when covered in webs)
Exp. Ability (Speciality) Score
Awareness (ambush) 2
Brawl (fangs) 2
Finesse (craft magic- like powers) 4
Craft:weaving (webs) 4
Guile (connivances) 2
Hunt (traps) 1
Stealth (forest) 2
Survival (forest) 2
Ettiquette (spider courts) 1
Magic lore (spiders) 1
Folk ken (detect lies) 1
Language: low german (flemish) 5
Dead language:latin (hermetic) 4
Faerie lore (spider courts) 1
Area lore: Black forest (regio) 2
Organisation lore: Spider courts (weavers) 1
9 Magic theory (enchanting) 2

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