Masking Active Magic

In my opinion, game balance.

If one wants a metaphysics answer, the different magic auras at both destination, the different species coming through, the disruption to the tunnel of magic going through it, makes it impossible to conceal.

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Lee’s primary answer of game balance is what I would have said. But if you want an in-world reasoning, in addition to the ideas he proposed, how about it disrupts your own sensation of the entrance to the tunnel for whatever magical reasoning you want.


That’s what I thought but I was not sure.
With out a Winds of Mundane Silence (which would only allow the process down) he magi would be in quit a predicament.

A PeVi spont dispelling Vim effects targeting the self can be done with zero modifications, and thus increases to level. This still might not be super effective if someone is not strong in PeVi, however it is more effective than it might sound like it would be.

The Individual target for a Vim spell can
refer to either an individual spell, or an individual
object or person, and similarly for Group. If
the target is an object or person, the Vim spell
will affect any suitable magic affecting that person,
not just one spell.

Thus this would not have to penetrate, as a Personal spell being cast on the individual themselves, and would affect any Vim spell currently on the target including a concealed Tunnel. The guideline has some "extra" in it that this kind of basic self dispel can take advantage of as well.

Dispel effects of a specific type with a level less than or equal to the level

  • 4 magnitudes of the Vim spell + a stress die (no botch).

Thus with R: Personal, D: Momentary, and T: Individual such an effect would dispel an effect of up to (effect level) + 20 + (stress die). This really then can reach up to rather significant levels of a Tunnel spell. And higher levels of course would have a much harder time penetrating to start with. Even if you can't dispel the very highest levels of a tunnel with such an effect you can (hopefully) significantly raise the bar for affecting you to the point where your Parma can start being more of a defense.

I wouldn't argue that such a defense is infallible but it is stronger than it might seem. You can also very easily take a level 5 or 10 formulaic version of such a dispel and it would be able to reliably dispel mid range Tunnels (and other things).

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Add the Unraveling Mastery Ability and Fast Cast along with a constant Bitter Taste of Betrayal into your familiar bond and you're pretty much all set then.