Master Fu Path Chart

I made a master Fu Path Chart that shows the all the Fu schticks in ll the official books and how they flow together, as in one huge page of flow charts.

I'm looking for someone to give it a quick look over and offer any comments before I post a link to it or upload it.

I wasn't sure if I ought to add some things to the chart that aren't on it right now. Like shot, chi, and page references for the schticks

If anyone want to give it a look over send me a PM.

This is for 1st edition?

Yeah it is a color graphic for first edition.

I got tired of always having to look at multiple pages in several books to see how the various paths connected and figured it would help new players. Multiple charts and new powers for exiting powers that aren't on any existing charts in Golden Comeback. Plus the Broken Island graphic in Blowing Up Hong Kong doesn't show that one power is connected to the Path of the Storm Turtle power Vengeance of the Turtle on it.

The old non Atlas version of the Core rulebook had a nice 2 page image showing the flow charts for all the paths in the core book it which was a major inspiration.

I'll try and do a 2nd edition play test one at some point. 2nd edition has some powers that make a nice flow chart tough to make as you need only one prerequisite from a list of multiple ones given for some powers on different paths to get the power.

this is very helpful thanks a bunch