Mastered Spells question?

I seem to have misplaced the answer to this.
I understand that you can stack the effects of various masteries except for the 'Fast Casting' one.

So, with a hypothetical mage with Mastery 3 in an attack spell, including Penetration and Multi-Casting. Does he get the full level 3 Penetration to every copy of the spell he casts, or does the Penetration bonus get spread among the various spell copies?

Yes, all mastery options stack with each other. Optional ones don't stack with Fast Casting, but non-optional ones should.

Nothing gets spread between the different spell copies when using Multi-Casting. Why would it?

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Wasn't quite certain.
There are aiming penalties for multiple targets, so conceivably there could penalties in Penetration.

One is spelt out, the other isn't. Hard to find the Russel's teapot.

Well, if we limit ourselves to the main Ars5 book I would agree.

But there are so many other books with rules that can expand on the main book's rules that sometimes I am not clear where an odd fancy arises - something I read in another Ars5 book, something that I forgot came from an Ars4 book, or even a garbled recollection from the Forums.

Every now and then I need to check. I was once accidentally using an Ars4 concept for so long not realising it doesn't apply in Ars5, until I think I was called out on this Forum.

The little munchkin part, deeply buried in me, sometimes poke his head and suggest:
"If the first level mastery is multicast, and the second is multicast as well, does it allows 6 spells to be fired ?" (a simple multicast allows two castings (one basic, plus one extra for the mastery), a simple multicast of a spell with two mastery level allows three castings (one basic, plus two for the multicast of a spell with level 2 mastery), so if a spell has twice multicast mastery it becomes 6...
... and take three times, that would be 12... Mouahahahaha...

I can see that, but I also recall that most of the Mastery abilities can only be taken once per spell, with the exceptions specifically mentioned.

Penetration taken twice could be useful, but not to be.
Flawless Magic + Mastered Spells versus Life Linked Spontaneous Magic.