Math Help needed

I am having difficulty with some math I need. Help would be greatly appreciated.

1: What Lab Total would be required to Open the Arts of someone who has already opened their gift without damaging what they already have? I can't figure out the formula. Since Art Totals matter, I'll say Learned Magician with 1 in each of those 6 Arts.

2: How do you calculate the build point cost of an enchanted object with several effects? For example, if I wanted to give a covenant a Superb Scrinium (Transforming Mythic Europe 101-103), would that use the total of its 5 effects? If so, I think it is 22+15+15+20+22=94/5=~19*2=38 build points, [strike]but that actually feels low.[/strike] Having finished the building process, low is not the right word at all.

It looks (at a glance) like all of the learned magician virtues are major, so the total needs to be 30 for 6 scores of 1+30*6 for 6 major virtues, for a required lab total of 210 to "open" an already opened learned magician, if the storyteller feels that such an attempt isn't doomed simply because they are already opened.

That question poses first a rules problem, namely:

Can a Gifted individual's magic potential be opened twice, and what would that mean?

You can look for - or have your SG and troupe look for - HMRE p.7ff Opening the Gift, especially:

This also holds for learned magicians (p.79f), and arguably makes learning the Arts quite impossible for your Gifted character later.
But HMRE p.50 has Subtle Opening as a Minor Breakthrough, to "invent an alternative form of Opening the Arts that removes the penalty due to Arts when learning new Supernatural Abilities". So there could be a learned magician master who already has made an equivalent of that Subtle Opening breakthrough for learned magicians, and can provide your character's first Opening the Gift without barring him from later learning the Hermetic Arts: that master of course is a white raven, existing at the discretion of your SG and troupe.

If we assume such a master in your saga, we then have your math question above.

The best summary of the Hermetic Opening the Arts is in Apprentices p.34ff. Look up there - or have your SG and troupe look - for:

The Hermetic parens of your character should preserve his existing Supernatural Abilities, "1 in each of those 6 Arts", three from Major Virtues, and three from Minor ones (check HMRE p.82). This means, that he needs at least an Intellego Vim lab total of 240 ([330+310]*2) : that's enormous, and would make your character an off-white raven to start with.


So, looking at that number, I think I'm going to bin the idea. I could arrange a character capable of reaching that lab total (I'm the SG), but it stretches believably a bit too far.