Mc-Catarm (Adauli's Companion)

Still in work but I wanted to put him up that you all see what I'm aim for. With Pre+Leadership 10 for people that can look past the battlescare in his face he should be suitable for the Turb Captain position.

Name: Mac-Catarm
Player: Adauli
Age 26

Characteristics INT -2 PER 0 STR 2 STA 2 PRE 2 COM 1 DEX 2 QIK 0 SIZE 0

1 Minor Social Mercenary Captain
1 Minor General Good Teacher [ArM5 43]
1 Minor General Tough [ArM5 49]*
3 Major Wealthy [ArM 50]
1 Minor Supernatural Magic Blood [RoP:M 46] (From a Ghost that watched over him for some time)
0 Minor Supernatural Premonitions [ArM5 47] (eyes turn complet white)
1 Minor General Improved Characteristics [ArM5 43] +3
1 Minor General Natural Leader [HoH:MC 37] +3 to social situations in witch he takes the lead
1 Minor General Educated [ArM5 ]

3 Major Story Enemies The leader of a outlaw group that operat near Edinburgh
3 Major Personality Hatred [ArM5 54] People who failed to honor a Mercenary contract
1 Minor Personality Vow [ArM5 60] Never betray a contract as long the other side also keep up to it and allways have a plan B writen in the contract in case your judgment about the goal was wrong.
1 Minor General Feral Upbringing [ArM5 54]
1 Minor General Disfigurement Large battlescare on the face -3 good look/gain respect
1 Minor Supernatural Fearie Antipathy [RoP:F 114] Religious Symbols

********** Infantia 0-5 120 Exp ***************
50 Awearness - alertness 4
50 Brawl - Dodge 4
05 Animal Handling - dogs 1
05 Athletics - running 1
10 (15) Premonitions - Mortal peril 2
********** Pueritia 5-15 250 exp **************
75 Gaelic - Scottish 5
75 Great Weapon - Great Sword 5
50 Latin - read and write 4
30 Leadership - in combat 3
05 Artes Librares - rhetoric 1
15 Civil and Canon Law - Contracts 2
********** Adolescentia 15-21 120 exp *********
50 Language English - Old English 4
15 (30) Civil & Canon Law - Contracts 3
45 (75) Leadersip - in combat 5
05 Folk Ken - Mercenarys 1
05 Bargain - Food 1
********** Co Leader 21-26 80 *****************
50 Teaching - Mercenarys 4
35 (50) Premonitions - Mortal peril 4
15 Bows - Long Bow 2

As baby his parents, simply Peasant who living fare away from the nearest city, where slain by a huge troll and only Mac-Catarm survived.
His mother stay in the world as ghost and trough controlling animals she manged to keep her baby alive.
Around his 5th birthday a Mercenary Leader found Mac-Catarm wo apearently survived on his own in the wild.
This impressed the Mercenary Leader so much that he took Mac-Catarm as his own Son he never haved.
Because her baby now have a new parent who take care of him her ghost finaly found rest.
From his stepfather he now got his name that based on the name of the Mercenary group cat - arm with just a mac put in front to make it clear he is the son of the complete Mercenary Group not just him.
Still the nearly 5 years under the care of a ghost near a fearie region left theyr permanent marks on Mac-Catarm.
The live as Mercenary is fare from easy but it getting extrem when one is just a 5 year old boy that don't know the language of the others.
So perhaps only his ability to see immeditate dangers and what he learned in the wild helped him to survive.
Trough the winter months for the first years with the Mercenarys he was send to a small town where he then was educated in Latin, the basic in Artes Librares and Contract Laws.
The bether his language got the more he also learned how to get the others done what he want.
Sure it was still difficult to survive but it got bether trough the years but the large lasting battlewound he got in his face when he was 15 showed the dangers clearly.
After he recovered from this wound Mac-Catarm was send to Oxford to learn more about the laws.
As his mind wasn't up for the university live he returned after 3 years without even trying the Baccalaureus exams.
After he returned he stephfather was actual heapy that he didn't managed to become a lawyer as so he could take over the group when he is no more.
So he became secondary in command and so was responsible to train the new recruts, check the contracts bevor the where signed and lead the second team if the group haved to split.
When his stepfather died most of the mercant joined the lead of Mac-Catarm but as he didn't aquired the social contacts of his stepfather he haved difficult times to get new contracts that wouldn't be outright suicide.
So he was happy to hear that someone looking for guards and a leader in Edinburgh as it sounded like he could settle down and maybe even get him self a wive.
Little did he know about the dangers awaiting him there and the new things he haved to learn to survive.