Meaningful Play and Ars Magica

I recently stumbled across an interesting series of articles submitted to last year's 'Meaningful Play' conference and one of them was about Ars Magica! :smiley: ... sion_7.pdf

Great tip! Thanks!

For me personal (pen and paper) rollplaying in general was the reason to learn english because the translated books where sometimes bad translated, if there was a translation at all.
So I started from knowing next to nothing in english from be forced to learn it for 1 year trough normal formal education in school to be able read trough most books without needing to look up what something means.
I saw similiar things to happen with people watching animes (jap. comics) who then tryed to learn japanese so general its about generating a high enough interest in a person to learn about something.
For Ars Magica its then not just the medival part I try to get facts about but also still to fill some of the gaps I have in my english.

Pretty much the same here-

That was a very interesting read. Thanks for pointing it out!