Mediterranean ships

I cannot decide which is the best ship to have as my vessel.

Our game is in the Aegean sea, and my magus is captain. The ship is not currently magical in any way, however that does not bar future investments.

I have two craft in mind, but I do not wish to limit myself to them so I will not mention what they are. What is needed is a fast craft, used predominantly for smuggling and Mercere message carrying, with the occasional act of piracy. Piracy is not the focus, but it does happen and our group desires to be on the right side of it when it happens. Being the takers as oppose to the taken.

Being that magic may be used, the thought of having a dozen or even three dozen oarsmen being aboard, sorta nixes any large galleys. Howeve one type of galley is in my mind, but I am not sure our group is capable of making the magical item required.

Ah so, if anyone is interested in ship talk, and I remember there being a few, then by all means toss out some thinking my way.