Mental Construct Lab, Best Practice

As an aside, my troupe also looked into having an item create a mentem spirit to hold a lab in its mind for different people to visit.

We also looked at some other things related to memory which I will put in a separate post.

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Something very similar was present in the old (ArM2, 1990) Covenants book. In the covenant of Val Negra a Tytalus necromancer named Abbadon keeps a menagerie of wizardly ghosts trapped in a "virtual" world of illusions. The ghosts think they are still alive and members of a covenant named Tagelyn. Abbadon throws problems at them, particularly about demons, and sees how they respond, to solve those problems himself. In one story seed, a ghost from Val Negra escapes into the "real world", and enmeshes the PCs into Val Negra's mystery; in one possible ending, the PCs finally realize that they are themselves ghosts, and that their entire "world" was an illusion created by Abbadon as a test.


You know certainly adding 1000 loci to a memory palace would get over the Bardic issue of an Ollamh being able to perfectly recall at least - 250 epic stories or tales, 100 minor stories, most of the early precursor to the Brehon laws, which are more like case law. And then we can add mastering more than 300 difficult metres. IIRC some of these tales are at least 10-20 pages long.

Suppose this could be put in place by and initiation during training.

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I totally love the mental laboratory element. It can be used quite well for say a campaign where the magi travel a lot. I mean it won't let them to magic item creation but it does let them do most other things that magi tend to want to do.

Aside from the fact there are no guidelines on how it is supposed to be created...
though mental construct and sentient brings up some disturbing possibilities as a combination...