Merinita qeuestions

A few questions if anyone can help:

  1. If a magus begin the game as a member of the House Merinita, do they start with any score in the Faerie Magic ability (as described in HOH:Mystery Cults)? Do they need a score to use the special durations and targets listed in the main book?

  2. The Bargain duration states that is adds 3 maginitudes to the level of the spell. If the spell starts at a level below 5, how is this calculated? Do you just add 15 levels to the effect, or what?

e.g. Creo Mentem effect to implant a thought (Base 3, +1 Touch) = 4

If cast as part of a Bargain, is this a level 15 or a level 19 spell?

  1. How would you create a Bargain spell to notify yourself the moment a bargain was transgressed? Since the target of the magic is the individual you make the bargain with, is this even feasible? Could you cast the spell on yourself and still know if the bargain was broken by the other party?

They don't have a score and they don't need one

15, it isn't calculated any differently than any other very low level spell.

That's a good questooin. I wrote a response detailing what I thought but upon reflection I decided to go back to the books and look up bargain rather than just talking off the cuff.

You might e. g. cast an InMe spell onto the target when you strike a bargain with it, and make that spell Base 5 (Sense the dominant emotion of the target), R: Eye, D: Bargain, 2nd D: Mom, T: Ind for an affordable total of InMe 25. It will tell you how the target felt when it broke the bargain - implicitly informing you that it broke it.

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