Merinita Ranges, Durations & Objectives

I don't remember if is possible creat magical objects being Merinita that they used the Faerie Targets, Durations and Objective.

It's for spells like this.

Not by canon, currently. The Merinita R,D,T are for spells. Magic items have their own R,D,T, which do not map 100% with those for spells. Now, it is still very possible, using the research rules. I would imagine the number of breakthrough points would be 5-10. You are working with a known quality, and not breaking any Hermetic limits, lesser or greater. It is probably easy enough and sensible enough that it's been done. Just track down the books of the Mage who has already done it......

Ok, no problem, i think that one Sun/Special duration (Until the enchated wood is burnt completely in that fire), it would work too.

Source? (I appearantly have a memory leak somewhere)

The Core Rules, on Meriinita or Faeric Magic section, on the Mysteries rules.

Thank you! :slight_smile: