Merits of 5th vs 4th

last I heard from the Atlas folks (not quite two weeks ago), these two were on track for an April release. Of course David would know better.

Heck, I'm just looking forward to Covenants :wink:

Beyond that, yeah, but the Mysteries and the Mystery Houses sound interesting.

I must admit that I am looking forward to being able to (eventually, eventually) complete the two series -- RoP and Houses of Hermes. :slight_smile:

Actually my fear was the opposite. The RoP: Magic would be a huge list of traditions. I figure between Mystery Houses and Mysteries Revised, alternate traditions is getting plenty of coverage. I've got all sorts of ideas of what "magic" could cover but love the fact that it's not going to be another traditions book.
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There should be no alternate traditions in either of these books - these would be, to my mind, all Hermetic mysteries - subtle variations from the norm, but basically Hermetic.

I want to see non-Hermetic Gifted characters. Canon, as written, does not permit these, presumably powerful, indivduals to exist...


:open_mouth: Clearly you don't mean what you say here.

Every magus obviously was a non-Hermetic child with the Gift once, many Gifted children even in central Europe never came to the attention of the Order, never met a magus interested in teaching them or proved untrainable, and ArM5 p.28, p. 75 and p. 166 provide basic rules for characters and NPCs with the Gift, but without Hermetic training.

And there certainly will be further rules for Gifted non-Hermetics in future supplements.

So what do you intend to say? :confused:

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I'm hoping for "The Boys Own Big Book of Hedge Wizardry".
But alas , it will never see the light of day. :cry:

Well Atlas has already shipped it. I saw a copy in my local game store yesterday (which admittedly gets stuff early because they share warehouse space with Atlas) and I got my playtester copy in the mail today.

I'd expect to see it hit game stores in the rest of the US within a week or two. (Anyone's guess at international arrival times).

Your wait is almost over.

Not with that title, no. But I do plan a big book of hedge magic traditions, and I rather hope that it will see the light of day.

I thought it would be followed by the companion volume :
"The Coven Girls Guide to Witchcraft & Wicca" :mrgreen:

I would like to be the first to pre order "The Coven Girls Guide to Witchcraft & Wicca"

Please send instructions how. :wink:

Oh yes, does it come with a calander?

Well - I just picked up True Lineages, The Divine, and Calebais. WOW on all counts.

If the Hedgies get as good a treatment as the Divine I will be quite happy.

Heck - who am I kidding? I'd be happy anyway. Still need to get the main book ... of all the things to be on order at my local shop!

Am I correct in guessing that alot of basic Fearie stuff has been covered in the main book? And more will be covered with the Merinitia?

The Ars Magica Swimsuit Calendar has already been published, as part of Hermes Portal Magazine:

still available as back-issues...

Depends on what you mean by "alot". The faerie info aloted to us in the main book consits of a discussion of what Faeries and faerie regio's are like and 3 example creatures. There are general rules regarding powers used by creatures of might and regios. There is the outer mystery of faerie magic.

I think that the mystery cults book will talk more about the Merinita than about the faeries. RoP: Faerie is, to my understanding, not going to be printed until 2008.