Metacreator: Covenants to be ransomed...

So... can this be done? My money will be thrown in the pot, post haste!

I'll post a link here when it goes live. I really want the Metacreator folks to do well, and the Covenants supplement to see the light of day, as it may well be one of the more important supplements for Ars 5.

If this works, it might also spur Mystery Cults and future releases to be ransomed, which would be a good thing, I believe.

EDIT: Go to Alter Ego's homepage: and click on the store to find the Covenants preorder.


Also, if you think you'll put money forth for Covenants, post here. I'd like to figure out how this ransom model might work out.


I don't have metacreator but I'd like to purchace it if the convenant extention comes out.

As such, can we have combo options as follow:

  • Ars Metacreator + Convenants
  • Ars metacreator + the other two + Convenant
  • Convenant Stand-alone



Purchase it anyway. Please.

You'll be getting some quality software with more support for a gaming system than I thought possible.

Given how expansive the Ars world is now, you really are getting a huge amount for your money.

Yeah, I'd get MC no matter what - you can't go wrong. I've only had it for the last few weeks, but it is REALLY impressive. Making and advancing characters including aging and Twilight, randomly making Grogs on the fly or custom making them, a list of names for characters based on language/home region, item enchantment, creatures... Connecting a character to their covenant so their library is accessible for studying, and so on and so on...

Admittedly, I'm still learning things, but that's only because it does SO much and is so versatile.

As for your request, I believe they just sell each thing. Rather than a combo, just buy the bits you want. Or am I misunderstanding your use of combo?


There. I've just placed an order for the ArM5 and TL/GoTF bundles, as well as the Covenants preorder. :smiley:

Oh, is the preorder up?

I'm on it!


Just waiting for PayPal to set up my DD bank details and then I'll pre-order.

Ok, I ordered mine.

That's 3 orders in the bag!


I know...

I'm a marketing guy. I like to be able to get what I'm looking for.

Right now, I'm looking for a tool that will include convenant support since we are using convenant thus the preorder combo request that are refundable if Convenant does not launch.


Hm, would preordering Covenants and then buying MC once the expansion is out work? If it fell through, then the preorder is refunded.

One thing I really liked that I noticed this last week was that once you connect a mage to their covenant, it automatically adds in the Aura of the covenant or lab to all lab totals.

I'm wondering what else I missed.


It works out the same for the purchaser, but it doesn't tell Alter Ego that they also have an additional Metacreator sale if the expansion comes out. It doesn't distinguish pre-existing from new customers.

Just ordered mine.

I hope the folks at Aler Ego get lots of orders. I'm gonna publish the issue on ENWorld, maybe win them some more sales.


It would be great if the 50 sales could be banged out really quickly, so that they know they've got a fan base, AND we get Covenants even quicker...


I submitted it to

We'll see how it goes...


A few people have placed preorders for Metacreator Covenants in addition to purchases of available Ars Magica software. Thank you! Just so you know, only the Covenants purchase is potentially refundable. If we don't make the target of 50 orders by June 20th, all Covenants preorders will be refunded.

(So the person who's waiting for Covenants before ordering Metacreator & Ars Magica should continue to wait.)

In this first day of preorders, we have already received 10 preorders! At this rate, we'll be obligated to start work on the template by the weekend. I don't really believe it'll be that fast, but I'd say odds are excellent that the goal will be reached. You're convincing us that demand is high for the Covenants supplement.

Peggy Kvam
Alter Ego Software

I've added my pre-order

Mine added also - been hoping for this add-on ever since I got the book... If any part of Ars needs computer maintanance, covenants really fits the bill - I'm actually supprised that they can make it for as little as this, would have been willing to pay a lot more for it...

The fans spoke, and the powers that be listened. This is great. I'm surprised how quickly wishful thinking and speculation can turn around into real results! Wow!

This to me seems like shooting itself to the foot.

By enforcing this policy you kill most of your potential gain of new clients through the euphoria building within the fan base of ArsMagica.

For example, I have looked into MetaCreator before but desided to use paper & ink.

I was now ready to purchace one copy to support a good tool for the community of Ars magica. Since my Campain uses convenants, only a version that supports it is usefull. As per the quoted policy, I now need to wait to see if the project of Convenant will go through to benefit from a Metacreator + supplements package. Once convenant is out, there will be no pressure to support the Ars tool anymore & will probably will go back to pen & ink logic.

In the end, I believe that many core fans that do not yet have Metacreator but were willing to support the tool as they are core fans will find themselves still using pen & Ink by the 20th of June due to poor Marketing policies.