Metacreator for Ars Magica: Future Supplements Poll

I just don't have the time any more to avoid using aids to creation and tracking of characters over time. I love the ease with which Metacreator does this, and the ease with which I can send characters to other players in my group. We bought a mass-purchase of MC and Covenants, and it made character creation easier for those people put off by the rules. The results also look good.

I also like cutting and pasting virtue/flaw info into reference sheets for each individual character, rather than typing it out from scratch.


Being very new to Metacreator, I'm thinking 'I gotta get that new add-on' already.

Previously, I've tried making some horrendously complex spreadsheets to manage my magi, primarily to get an overview of future projects. I tried to make them as general as possible, and seemed to get a working verison running. But I often run into some strange things, faults or new material, which I need to include or correct.

Nope, I'm happy to have made the change to Meta. I stil managed to find a fault in it (reported it in, they'll correct it for the next update), and still have some issues about what things and how they are shown. Still learning though.

I have a question about Metacreator: How customisable is it?

  • Can you create your own spells?
  • Can you create your own V&F?
  • Can you modify artificially the calculated combat totals?

Thx :slight_smile:

Spells are easily altered or re-written to be new ones. I never have more than half my complement of spells from the books, I always invent new ones. I simply add one of the correct Te&Fo and alter anything not fitting, like base level, R/D/T and so on. Easy as pie...mmmmmm...pie....

V&F? Yes and no. You can choose 'Generic Minor/Major Virtue/Flaw' and give it a name. But I still am not completely fluent, so I can't rell you how much it can be customized, if you choose V&Fs that directly affect other totals. But good fields for notes, so you can write down a 'remember this' note.

Example: If you have house rules about how Deficincies work, and still run them like 4th ed versions, where the Deficient Art alone is halved, not all totals.
Abilities are easy to custimize, by writing new ones. Also you can alter any set bonus to them (like for puissance, which the system automatically adds). I made a heroic faerie based companion, who had a Virtue stronger than Strong Faerie Blood (Faerie Leagcy IIRC). Having 'Dwarf Blood', the system grants you a +1 to all Craft skills. But Legacy raised this to +3 in one field. So I could change this particular speciality to be a +3 rather than a +1.

Combat totals can easily be altered, with positive or negative modifiers, you simply alter the Weapon Stats the program finds in a database for this particular entry on the Equipment sheet. I'll wager you're thinking about Weapon & Armour Quality?

I also find the Enchanted Device Creator very good. I was inputting a Redcap, who has a few devices. You simply choose Te&Fo and can then call up the guidelines for this, pick one, and then modify R/D/T, uses/day, Penetration etc.

Having inputted non-starting characters - i just made the raw input for them as they were. But since then I've been using the Advance options, and input what book they read, what ability they train, what they get exposure with and so on. This generates a log to keep tabs on what you do. I still keep my own log though, since I sometimes need more information.

There's a bit of a learning curve, but with some trial and error and reading the Help files, or asking on the yahoogroup, a lot of stuff can be customised to fit your saga.

I wanted a "Strong Faerie Blood: Giant" virtue, based off of a character I saw on the forums, I think. The virtue needed to give me a +1 to Strength. I looked at the Sidhe virtue's nuts and bolts, and extrapolated how to add strength bonuses to a virtue.

Now, if the Bonisagus player makes a breakthrough that allows any Form to be used in calculating Longevity rituals, THEN I might need some help...